The Dallas Cowboys will either trade Tony Romo or cut him to save the money on paying their former franchise quarterback. Regardless of which move the Cowboys make with Romo, they need to find someone to replace Tony as the backup to Dak Prescott. ESPN reported that the Cowboys are considering signing former Cleveland Browns starting quarterback josh mccown to backup Dak Prescott in Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys Interest in Josh McCown

The news came from ESPN's Ed Werder, who said that there was mutual interest between the Dallas Cowboys and McCown about joining the franchise.

Of course, he also said that the Cowboys have to figure out how and when they will let Romo go first.

This isn't the first time that the Cowboys have considered Josh McCown. When Dallas lost Tony Romo and Kellen Moore in the preseason, they considered signing Josh until they realized that Dak Prescott might be the answer at quarterback. The one thing standing in the way is that the Cleveland Browns might want a second round pick, which is not worth the cost for the backup quarterback.

Josh McCown's NFL experience

Bringing in McCown could be a nice move for the Cowboys to protect them if Dak Prescott were to fall to an injury. The safety net for the Cowboys in the 2016 NFL playoffs was that Tony Romo was there to step in just in case Prescott fell in action.

However, Dak stayed healthy and the Cowboys need to find someone to help them in case something bad happens in 2017.

Josh McCown is 38 and has played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, and Cleveland Browns. He only won two games in 20 starts in Cleveland and Tampa Bay, but his numbers weren't that bad and the teams were horrible no matter who played quarterback.

Other Dallas Cowboys quarterback options

The two biggest options for the backup to Dak Prescott were both Dallas Cowboys players in 2017. Mark Sanchez played backup last season although he has never done anything to prove to be reliable.

Kellen Moore has an advantage because he knows the system and has Scott Linehan's trust. Other than that, names like Nick Foles has been mentioned, once again, not a bright option for the Dallas Cowboys outside of Josh McCown.