The New York Knicks are eliminated from playoff contention this season. With many offseason signings not providing the boost they were hoping for, they decided to let some of their younger talent get some playing time. Doing this would result in star Carmelo Anthony's minutes taking a dip as well. After Wednesday's loss to the Heat, Anthony took some time to address the current situation, saying he understands the moves they are making, but it's not easy.

Struggle Man

Carmelo Anthony scored 9 points on 12 shots against the Heat Wednesday. This was the third game all season he was held under double-digits in points.

This season hasn't been easy for the Knicks' star player, as he has been heckled by president Phil Jackson for a majority of the year, and his name was swirling in trade rumors until the trade deadline passed. Melo has had to speak out on these topics on multiple occasions, and you could tell that these rumors were beginning to get underneath his skin. He still has managed to have a decent season, averaging 22.5 points per game. The marriage between the Knicks and Anthony showed promise in the early years, but now it looks like both parties might be better off getting a divorce. Melo still has three years left on his current deal, and has a no-trade clause in his deal so he won't be leaving unless he wants to.

But after this season he might want to explore his options, as the Knicks haven't put a championship team around him in the last few seasons. Melo isn't getting any younger, and winning a championship can add to his hall of fame resume. He might want to call LeBron James and see what he could do for him.

Out with the Old

The Knicks have a lot of young talent on their team, but with the amount of veteran talent on their team, it was hard to get a gauge on their future players.

The Knicks have reduced Carmelo's minutes, along with others to get a feel of the future of the team. Carmelo understands the procedure as he said "I think it's more about getting that experience and letting them through that right now." He also said "I see what they're trying to do, and it's just me accepting that," according to ESPN.

With their season already down the drain, this is a smart move for New York. Seeing the future of your team is crucial for knowing what pieces you need to acquire in the offseason, or in the draft. The Knick are in a tough position, as Joakim Noah is under contract, and he was just suspended for 20 games for violating the substance abuse problem. Courtney Lee still has four years on his deal, so this will affect their cap room.

Carmelo is at peace with him taking fewer minutes, so this might mean his time in New York is over. The Knicks have had another failed season, and they can't wait to get to the offseason. Hopefully these last couple games they can find out who will play well next to their future star in Kristaps Porzingis.