As the 2017 NFL draft draws near, much of the talk revolves around the fact that the Packers must improve in the defensive backfield if they have any hope of competing for the Lombardi trophy this coming season. As always, Ted Thompson is holding his cards very close to the vest, but this draft has a number of very good defensive backs.

Still, the easiest answer to the failings of the Packers' defensive backfield last season would be for Damarius randall and Quinten Rollins to not only return to their rookie form but to take the step forward that everyone expected them to take.

Damarius Randall

Randall came out of the gates at a full gallop his rookie season. He played 15 games and started nine of them. In that time he defended 14 passes and had 3 interceptions (one of which was for a touchdown). But, more than that, he looked like a seasoned veteran early and often.

Then came 2016.

Randall just didn't look like the same player that took the field the previous year. He spent much of his time chasing receivers rather than anticipating their next move like he did his rookie season. In fact, his first meeting against the Vikings kind of epitomized his entire 2016 campaign. Take a look at these lackluster highlights from Randall's match up against Stefon Diggs.

In the first meeting against the Packers, Stefon Diggs looked like a world-beater.

Throughout the rest of the season he posted 903 yards and only contributed three TDs the whole season. That says a lot about how poorly Damarious Randall played vs Diggs.

Quinten Rollins

Rollins was another surprise in the defensive backfield his rookie season. Unlike Randall, Rollins only played 14 games and only started 4 of them.

Despite far fewer opportunities he contributed 2 INTs (one of which was a pick six). Of the two, Rollins definitely looked like a rookie. He had some outstanding plays but also some seriously missed assignments.

In 2016 though, he seemed to completely fall apart. He barely made an uptick in passes defended and had one single interception.

Still, he has a lot of up-side and a lot of potential. There were many glimpses in 2015 that suggest that Rollins can be a solid CB for the Packers. If he can get back to playing the way he played in 2015 and do so on a more consistent basis, the Packers will drastically improve in the defensive backfield.

If I Could Turn Back Time

The 2017 draft is full of talented defensive backs. The question is, can the Packers pull yet another rabbit out of their hat and draft one that will hit the field running. The likelihood is slim. It seems far more likely that the Packers' path to an improved defensive backfield is through Randall and Rollins' return to form in which they look more like this...