The rumored marriage between the Green Bay Packers and Adrian Peterson appears to have been called off. The running back went on ESPN on Thursday morning and listed the three teams he most wants to play for in 2017. The Packers were conspicuously left off his list.

While there have been plenty of rumors flying around the interweb, including on this site that Peterson might decide to jump from Minnesota to his division rival, neither the team nor the player have ever confirmed. The recent interview seems to shed light on just why that confirmation never came.

Green Bay Packers don't make top three

The reason why the Packers wouldn't want Peterson seems to be more obvious than the other way around. Peterson missed most of the second of his last three seasons with the Vikings in 2016 and is owed more than $18 million.

It's entirely possible the Green Bay Packers have already told the player they have no interest in him, and his list has been built from teams who have contacted him with initial offers. However the list came together, when Peterson went on ESPN he was asked about his immediate future. He said the three teams he would most like to play for next season are the Houston Texans, the Tampa Bay Bucs and New York Giants.

Announcement means Green Bay Packers likely looking at the draft

The Bucs, Giants and Texans all make sense for Adrian Peterson. All three teams have an opening for a featured back and Houston especially could be a fit because he would be returning to his hometown team. The move could make better sense for the Packers because they're not wasting time or resources on a banged up veteran back.

Now the Green Bay Packers can turn their full attention to attempting to get a running back through the 2017 NFL draft. The team has already upgraded it's attack through the ground and the air by signing not one but two free-agent tight ends. That would allow the Packers to establish a running game with a less established running back in his rookie year. In other words, it's not exactly bad news Adrian Peterson has ruled out the Packers.