Major WWE news from "Monday Night Raw" came from Los Angeles, but it was the event that happened after the show went off the air that has fans talking. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made an appearance in the ring at the Staples Center and called out one of his former WWE opponents. The incident has plenty of pro wrestling fans wondering exactly what might happen next between former champions The Rock and CM Punk.

The Rock calls Punk

The final part of Monday's "Raw" results saw Big Show and Braun Strowman in a huge main event match. Strowman eventually got the win, with Roman Reigns coming to the ring for a fight after the match.

Unfortunately, Reigns has been unable to get any sort of advantage against his bigger rival and was laid out once again. "Raw" went off TV with Strowman celebrating his win and Reigns down in the ring.

What fans watching at home didn't see, but the ones in Staples Center did, was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson arriving to the ring. "The People's Champion" was his usual charismatic self, and decided it was time to place a phone call to one former WWE star. The Rock called up CM Punk, someone he defeated for the WWE Championship within the past several years.

Unfortunately, as the video clip above shows, Punk did not answer the call.

The Rock left a humorous voice mail message with the people, though. In it, he tells Punk "this is not a rib" and "15,000 people are chanting your name." The crowd obliged as they normally do at WWE events, chanting out the former longtime champion's name in unison.

Why Rock showed up

There are always lingering rumors or reports that The Rock will show up at WWE events.

There had been plenty of buzz online yesterday ahead of "Monday Night Raw" that the former wrestling star would be at the Los Angeles show. Unfortunately, only fans in attendance were treated to his appearance. That's because it wasn't for the TV show, but a film.

According to reports, Rock was in Los Angeles and came to Staples Center to help film for an upcoming movie "Fighting With My Family." The film tells the tale of WWE women's star Paige, real name Saraya-Jade Bevis.

Rock was there to help recreated a match which involved Paige and CM Punk's wife, AJ Lee.

Will Punk respond?

CM Punk didn't exactly leave WWE on the best of terms, but that's not to say he didn't make some friends here or there. It's possible that he and Rock still keep in touch. Since Punk didn't answer the phone call, Rock also tried Facetiming the former "Best in the World" star, but that also failed. Apparently, sports arenas don't always provide the best Wi-Fi connections.

It was noted at the wrestling news site No DQ that Punk responded to The Rock on Twitter. Punk thanked the Staples Center fans for the love and mentioned he was "walking Larry" for his birthday. The man known for using the mic like a "pipe bomb" realizes the fan love is still important as he is now fighting at UFC events around the world.

While Punk didn't answer The Rock's live phone call after "Raw," it all made for an interesting moment that has the WWE Universe buzzing. Fans are still hoping that the other wrestling great might finally answer their chants and Rock's call, and one day make his return to the ring.