Sports fans are turning to the NBA after the wrap up of events in the NFL for the season. College basketball is also expected to take center stage at the start of the season earlier next month. The NFL was thrilled the highly expectant fans who shared the teams from the start to the end of the season.

Impressive performances

Most of the teams are performing very well this season as expected following their records. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently taking the lead on their conferences while the San Antonio Spurs is far behind on the table.

These three teams are the top contenders at their respective conferences. In April they will be facing their opponents for the next round. But before then, there may be some level changes in the team’s forms.

Unpredictable league

In the East, Boston and Washington each have series of games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, though the league is unpredictable, the table could still turn in the conference. Especially, the Milwaukee Bucks which the heat is threatening during the post-season. The Chicago Bulls whom has lost form currently with their pairs which includes Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers are predicted to make some strategic Trade deals in order to reawaken their teams for the season.

Competitive conference

The most competitive of all the conferences is that of the West. The playoffs for the Houston Rockets, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Utah Jazz are sure to be highly competitive but are tipped to have good chances of success for the season. The Oklahoma City Thunders are not doing so well this season, if there key players such as Russell Westbrook could hit a wall, there would be a likelihood of them dropping out of the race.

However, a mega trade deal that could see Sacramento King, DeMarcus Cousin move to the New Orleans, if it gets the league’s approval, would immense impact on the Pelicans’ this season.

The season is going to be fun packed with fans feeling the thrills and actions of their various teams.