Former Nebraska Football player Will Compton has put together quite the NFL career. Not only has he gone from a backup to one of the best players on the Washington Redskins, but he also routinely shows off his intelligence on Twitter. Not only that, but it appears the ladies truly love Will Compton. The linebacker was recently named the NFL's fifth most attractive players. While most NFLers aren't all that interested in that sort of thing, the title earned all of us a good chuckle when it led to a hilarious exchange with teammate Chris Baker.

Not just another pretty face

Will Compton left the Nebraska football team as a kind of surprisingly good player at the linebacker position, who surprised people yet again when he started dominating the lead at the middle linebacker position for the Washington Redskins. Compton's rise to one of the best backers in the NFC East was a surprise to everyone, including his own team, considering he had just one tackle in his rookie 2013 season.

The Ohio native followed up that unassuming season with a modest 60 tackles in his second season and then jumped to 96 in 2015 and a career-high 106 a year ago. Compton has also turned into a 'backer who can cover a pass, swatting five down in 2016 after three passes defended in 2015.

He has a sense of humor

While Compton has been getting accolades for his play on the field, he's also shown a positive personality that has made him one of those players fans want to follow on social media. When he heard about the fact he was named the fourth best looking player in the NFL, he took it in stride, saying only that he laughed about the report.

When teammate Chris Baker decided to troll him a bit, he was ready for it.

Baker didn't go hard after the former Nebraska football star simply tweeting out "unbelievable." The light hearted ribbing continued, though Compton shut down any further discussion when he tweeted back "I can only imagine what you were rated" and accompanying that tweet was a GIF of Jabba the Hut.