#Wayne Shaw, a 46-year-old backup goalie for #Sutton United has just become famous, but not for his soccer abilities. Shaw was seen eating pie on the bench during his team’s recent loss to #Arsenal in an FA Cup match and has now gained worldwide attention for the incident, but there’s even more to the story as gambling has come into play.

The #goalkeeper was eating pie while on the bench during the match that was aired live on BBC One. That seems humorous enough and it is, but, for reasons currently unknown, a bookmaker had offered 8-1 odds on Shaw being seen eating during the game.

Now, it doesn’t seem as funny as it did.

Goalkeeper delivers for fans, but not because of his play

For those that wagered and took the odds, it’s become a nice payday, and ESPN reports Sun Bets tweeted that they had paid out a "five-figure sum" on the bet. However, the entire situation has led to the Football Association and Gambling Commission starting an investigation over a potential violation of rules related to betting.

Shaw himself later admitted that he knew odds were posted on him being seen eating on television during the match.

The situation has taken such a bad turn that Shaw submitted his resignation from the team and it was quickly accepted. Besides being a backup keeper, he also worked as a member of the coaching staff.

Sutton United’s manager Paul Doswell stated he didn’t think any of the other players were aware of the wager. He also said if any of them did wager on the eating, they’d also be gone from the team.

Career ideas for the former goalkeeper

So, Shaw’s #soccer career may have come to a surprising end, but it’s time to help him find future employment. There seems to be an easy way for him to bounce back. How about becoming a professional eater?

Maybe he can get so good that he can take part in the famous Nathan’s hot dog eating contest that takes place every year on July 4th in Brooklyn, New York.

Or perhaps he can work his way up to devouring chicken wings for a nice price. Better yet, how about just entering pie-eating contests – something he seems to have in his arsenal based on what has transpired.

Oh, by the way, Sutton United came up short in the game against Arsenal. They lost 2-0. Seems the only numbers that matter right now though are 8 to 1. You can bet on that.