The Washington Redskins narrowly missed the playoffs after losing their final game of the season to the New York Giants. That game had Redskins fans frustrated and should be a sign to the front office that the team still needs to improve. In the draft and in free agency, Washington will have some chances to retool their roster and get ready to make another playoff push. Let's take a look at a few positions the Redskins should target in the 2017 NFL draft.

1. Safety.

DeAngelo Hall might have successfully transitioned from cornerback to safety last season, but that doesn't change his age.

The Redskins safety is 30 years old and is part of alack group including Will Blackmon and Donte Whitner, who are both over 30 years old. The Redskins need to get younger at the position and add depth in the draft. Potential prospects in the first round would include Malik Hooker, Jabrill Peppers, and Jamal Adams. Alternatively, the Redskins could choose to address the position in free agency and go after a player like Barry Church or TJ McDonald.

2. Wide Receiver.

It's not clear what the Redskins situation at receiver will be. Both Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson are free agents and it's not yet clear if the team wants to bring them back. Alshon Jeffery has been named as a potential free agent target, but he wouldn't come cheap.

If the team wants a younger, cheaper option they will turn to the 2017 NFL draft. Top prospects in the first round would include Mike Williams, Corey Davis, and John Ross. The Redskins did draft Josh Doctson last year, so they may not be in the mood to take another chance on a wide receiver.

3. Defensive End.

This is the major position that the Redskins should be looking to improve this offseason.

The pass rush of Washington is weak and a deeper draft class should help bolster the play of the Redskins on the defensive side of the ball. Potential draft candidates for the Redskins would include Solomon Thomas, Derek Barnett, and others. Alternatively, Washington could choose to pursue a veteran like Charles Johnson in free agency.