The Washington Redskins have two talented wide receivers primed to hit the open market in free agency next month. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon have both made major contributions to the offense, but could stand to make more money from another team. In the next couple of weeks, the team will be forced to decide which one they want to keep, if either of them are interested in sticking around.

Two great receivers

DeSean Jackson is known for his blazing, defense-stretching speed. Since coming over to the Redskins, he has utilized that skill to great effect.

Just last season, Jackson had 56 receptions for 1,005 yards and four touchdowns. He can make defenders slip or fall behind, or can just distract them from another receiver threatening to get open on the other side of the field.

Pierre Garcon may be more dependable, though. He can't always outrun the defense, but he can make sure he reels in the ball as soon as he gets his hands on it. Last season, he had 79 receptions for 1,041 yards and three touchdowns. He was a solid receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, but he has had his best years with the Redskins.

Decisions, decisions

At the moment, it seems like a distinct possibility that the team will lose both receivers in free agency. Both are going to be expensive to keep due to a relatively weak wide receiver market in free agency.

Garcon has posted hints on his social media accounts that he may be ready to part way with the Redskins. Meanwhile, Jackson has publicly discussed how intriguing it would be to return to his first franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The money could be better spent elsewhere. For starters, the team is looking to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term contract and he's ready to play hardball in negotiations.

Money taken from the receivers can go directly towards the quarterback. The Redskins also have several young receivers waiting in the wings, from slot player Jamison Crowder to former top pick Josh Doctson, who had to deal with an injury last season and is a great unknown.