The sports apparel company under armour carefully risked losing their biggest client, Stephen Curry. The long-range shooter, who rarely climbs up on a political soapbox had something to say when he discovered CEO Kevin Plank had Donald Trump praises on his lips. In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Plank said Trump was an asset for supporting American businesses. Upon hearing this, the Golden State Warrior guard agreed with Plank’s assessment if you take the “et” out of the word asset. Steph Curry told Mercury News there was no amount of money nor any platform he would not jump off, he sensed a company was going in the opposite direction of his core values.

Stephen Curry divulged that he spent the day on the phone with various people from Plank’s camp, trying to understand what was going on and where they all stood on issues. Curry wanted to know if he looked at himself in the mirror and had to ask if Under Armour had his best intentions and right attitude in taking care of people. Kevin Plank did reach out to the two-time NBA MVP separately to discuss his pro-Trump comments. According to Plank, it was strictly business related, and he did not align himself with Trump’s political and social values.

It’s just business

Per the president’s request, Kevin Plank had joined a team of CEOs from companies such as Dell, Dow Chemical, Ford, GE and Tesla to create a dialogue regarding job creation in America.

In an effort to save face from criticism and calm Curry’s frustration, Under Armour released a statement Wednesday explaining Plank’s decision to join in with the group of business leaders. The statement basically touched on the importance of being made a part of a hot topic discussion like bringing in jobs.

Sports figures are the American voting fabric as well

Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James weighed in on the president’s controversial travel ban. James told The Hollywood Reporter that this country is great because of its diversity. He suggested that everyone continue to be vocal and fight for things that bring people together, adding that he is not in favor of policies that divides and excludes.

Both James and Curry supported Hillary Clinton during the election. Although Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, New England Patriots’ coach, and the owner may be pals with Donald Trump, at least three teammates have publicly stated they will not recognize the time-honored tradition of visiting the White House. Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty will not be going. Linebacker Don't Hightower also declined, stating he already been to the White House.