Trent Richardson wore several different uniforms during his career, but now he is rocking a new one: a prison jumpsuit. The former professional running back was Arrested on suspicion of Domestic Violence on Friday night, the latest news for a man who has had as ungraceful and unimaginable of a fall from grace as possible over the past few years.

Troubling allegations

Richardson was arrested in Hoover, Alabama on Thursday night after a police response around 8:00 PM. When police responded at the home, they spoke to both the former player and a woman and were able to determine that an altercation had taken place.

Richardson was reportedly cooperative as the cops put the big man in cuffs. The alleged victim had scratches and bruises on her face, suggesting she was a victim of domestic violence. Richardson is facing a third degree domestic violence charge. His bail is set at $1,000 and he will appear in front of a judge sometime on Friday.

NFL flameout

After winning plenty of awards at the college level with the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Cleveland Browns selected Richardson with the third overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. Before his rookie season even started, though, he required clean-up surgery on his left knee, which forced him to miss the entire preseason. Richardson wound up having a strong rookie season anyways, rushing for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns, which was a Browns rookie record.

Early in 2013, Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts to cover up for the injuries the team was suffering from. He struggled immediately and lost his starting job to Donald Brown. The season was summed up by a fumble on his very first playoff carry. The next season, the team made him inactive for playoff games before suspending him for missing a team walkthrough without alerting the team - they waived him a few months later.

He had brief stints with the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens, but found himself out of the NFL for the past regular season. After being arrested, it may be hard for Trent Richardson to find his way back; it should be the least of his concerns, anyway.