New York Jets cornerback #Darrelle #Revis might have seen his career come to an end after his significant drop in play this past season. However, the defensive back’s NFL days could be limited now for another reason, and it’s not good.

Darrelle Revis reportedly in altercation

A statement from Pittsburgh police indicates Revis was apparently involved in an altercation, which ended up with two men being knocked unconscious. Charges are pending against Revis to include robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy, and aggravated assault.

The statement adds that Revis was being followed by a 22-year-old man who recognized the former Pitt star.

The unidentified male was recording the interaction on his cell phone when Revis snatched it and tried to delete the video. Another male came to try and help the 22-year-old get his cellphone back, but Revis then tossed it into the street. A verbal altercation ensued and another male came to help Revis. The 22-year-old and the man who came to help him stated that they were punched, and then remembered waking up to talk to police, who viewed the cellphone video and confirmed the person in it was Revis.

An attorney for Revis is telling a very different story, claiming the 31-year-old DB was physically assaulted by a group of at least five people and retreated from the aggressors, fearing for his safety.

The lawyer adds that Revis sought medical attention following the attack.

Jets are aware of situation involving Darrelle Revis

The #Jets have said they’ve heard from Revis and are aware of the situation, but Revis could find himself off the team sooner than later. The Jets likely weren’t going to keep him because of his salary, but now could look to dump him to avoid the negative press that comes with these incidents.

More information needs to be known before jumping to any conclusions, but this certainly doesn’t look good for Revis. With the NFL attempting to take off-the-field incidents much more seriously than in the past, a suspension of some sort is likely coming. However, Revis looks to be facing bigger issues than just a suspension from the league.