The Colts offseason keeps getting more complicated and it hasn't even been a month into their offseason. This week their franchise QB, Andrew Luck went through successful shoulder surgery that has been bothering the QB since 2015. Today, they made a decision that might be what was best for their team this offseason, as they have fired their general manager, Ryan Grigson. Grigson has been GM of the Colts for 5 seasons, and has made questionable player personnel moves over that time. Grigson had three more years left on his deal and people thought he should've been gone earlier in his tenure.

Poor personnel moves

Ryan Grigson hasn't been the best GM in the NFL by a long shot. Many experts and fans have disagreed with the personnel moves he has made over the last five years. He has had the tendency to sign older free agents like WR Andre Johnson, DE Trent Cole, and LB D'Qwell Jackson. Those moves didn't seem to smart as the Colts were in need of younger talent and more versatile players on defense. Let's not forget the move he did to grab draft dud Trent Richardson, giving away a first round pick for the running back. Grigson also had the audacity to pit the blame of why he couldn't get talent on his team on Andrew Luck's contract. Luck didn't receive his contract until last offseason, and was his rookie deal before that, so Grigson had five years to put the pieces around Luck to make sure he and the team could be successful.

The biggest problem on the Colts, the offensive line hasn't been solved in Grigson's tenure but the moved in the right direction as they drafted center Ryan Kelly out of Alabama in last year's draft and use most of those picks on lineman in last year's draft. The players Grigson drafted in 2013 are no longer on the Colts' roster and the free agents he helped sign that offseason, turned out to be mostly failures, the only one being somewhat useful is Erik Walden.

He led the Colts to back to back 8-8 seasons, and they've missed the playoffs in back to back seasons since 1997-1998 (The year before Peyton Manning was drafted and his rookie year).

Moving forward

With Grigson out as GM Many former player sounded off on twitter about the firing. Punter, Pat McAfee sounding relieved after the firing tweeting out "Thank God".

Former players Jerrell Freeman and other sounded pleased, letting there feelings known about Grigson didn't do as well as he should've (see the tweets below). Now that Grigson is out, where do the Colts go from here. Owner Jim Irsay held a press conference and said he already has a list of candidates of who will take his spot. Rumors were swirling about former Colt and future hall of famer, Peyton Manning being a candidate, which Irsay shot down quickly. Irsay seems committed to finding the right guy for their team and hopefully he will. The Colts are in one of the worst divisions in football, and are barely making .500. They need this offseason to get young pieces and make sure Andrew Luck gets the protection he needs.

Irsay did make time to say the head coach Chuck Pagano is returning next year. Pagano and Grigson have had a history of not being on the same page and many thought they both were going to go at the same time. Even though Pagano is back for another season, he still isn't safe as he needs to turn this horrid defense around, as he was brought in to do. The Colts need to have a good offseason, getting young talented free agents, getting the offensive line fixed, and getting Luck healthy, so they can be back to running their division and getting into the playoffs.