March Madness is coming up soon and fans everywhere will try to decide which teams in the Big Dance will make it to the Final Four. Some fans are just hoping that their team makes it to the tournament, while other underrated teams are hoping to prove the public wrong. This article will focus on four teams that have been consistently overrated all season.

1. Baylor.

The Bears have been number one in the country at various points throughout the season, but their ranking is a mirage. Baylor lost in the tournament last year against a tough Yale team that was more disciplined and better coached than the Bears.

This season, Baylor again proved that they couldn't close in a tough game against Kansas. On paper, they have the talent. In the tournament, they won't deliver, even if they do manage to receive a two seed.

2. Michigan State.

Tom Izzo doesn't have the same type of Spartans team that he has had in the past. The only thing keeping Michigan State off the bubble is their name and the seeding of Tom Izzo's team certainly won't be great. Expecting even just one win from this team in the NCAA tournament would be a big mistake. Don't make the mistake of picking this overrated team as your upset special in this year's bracket.

3. Oklahoma State.

Joe Lunardi predicts that Oklahoma State would currently receive a six seed in the NCAA tournament.

For what? They have only three quality wins against Arkansas, West Virginia, and Wichita State. The team has a total of nine losses! And it's not like Oklahoma State has a history of success when it gets to the NCAA tournament. There's no way that this team deserves to be placed on the same seed line as Creighton and Notre Dame and they would be a prime upset candidate if this were their seed.

4. Northwestern.

Yes, Northwestern has never made the tournament before. Yes, Northwestern has wins over Wisconsin, Dayton, and Wake Forest. Does that mean I'm confident in this team? Not a chance. Northwestern has two awful losses against Illinois and the team hasn't really proven it can beat any elite teams aside from Michigan State. It's a nice story, but it would be a shock if Northwestern managed to win a tournament game.