President Donald Trump certainly doesn't shy away from the spotlight when it comes to the presidency. Trump seems to be in the news with a new headline every single day. Some of the news created is intended to stir up controversy, while other news sites simply report the facts. But some of the news that has come from the White House isn't even created by actual news outlets. Instead, Donald Trump just posts his own hot takes on Twitter for the world to see.

Donald Trump Tweets on Debt.

Trump is probably the first president ever to use Twitter this much.

On the site, Trump expresses his general opinion on a wide range of issues, which includes the National Debt. He proudly displayed the debt numbers since he took office in a post on Twitter.

There's no "alternative facts" here. In the Donald Trump presidency, the national debt really has fallen significantly. As Trump continues to cut government programs, the national debt will likely fall even further. But these numbers do not include the potential cost of a wall bordering Mexico.

Economy Flourishing in Donald Trump Regime.

The national debt isn't the only positive news to come from the presidency of Donald Trump. The DOW index is at a record high of 20,821.76 and is poised to go even higher. And it's been on a consistent ascent ever since the president took office.

Those tax and regulation cuts mentioned have companies excited about potential increased profits.

Declining regulations mean that businesses will have less costs when they are dealing with regulations and trying to figure them out. With less regulation, businesses should be freed up to operate more openly and without government interference.

Trump's Approval Rating.

Despite Trump's good performance in terms of economics, his approval rating lags behind.

According to CNN, only 38% of Americans approve of the actions that Donald Trump has taken since taking office. However, these numbers conflict significantly with other sources. According to a CPAC straw poll from the Washington Times, 86% of Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing.

In any case, the national debt has dropped and the stock market is at an all time high with Trump at the helm.