There is a dearth of talent at running back in Fantasy Football. There are only 32 NFL teams and some don't even have a main ball carrier. That makes it difficult to find talent and consistency at the position for fantasy owners. Those who were fortunate enough to draft the top players on this list likely managed to gain an advantage over their opponents in 2016.

1. David Johnson.

The Cardinals running back followed up an awesome end to 2015 with an even better 2016. Johnson averaged 19.6 fantasy Points Per Game and never scored a single digit point total during the fantasy year.

Johnson should be the consensus top pick next year.

2. Ezekiel Elliot.

The Cowboys drafted Elliot to be their workhorse back and he ran extremely well behind the best offensive line in the league. Elliot wasn't quite as good as David Johnson, but still averaged 17.5 fantasy points per game and delivered for his fantasy owners almost every single week.

3. LeSean McCoy.

Those who doubted McCoy this season were proven wrong by a resurgence of the shifty and tricky LeSean. The Bills used him to the fullest extent and McCoy averaged 14.9 fantasy points per game, racking up 238 total points along the way.

4. Le'veon Bell.

The Steelers running back is one of the true workhorses in the NFL. He missed the first three games of the year and the last one but still managed to finish fourth among all Running Backs in fantasy scoring thanks to his pass catching and running ability.

5. DeMarco Murray.

When the Titans signed Murray, what they were getting was an unknown. Fantasy owners willing to take a risk on Murray were rewarded handsomely as he averaged 14.3 fantasy points per game and got a large number of red zone carries.

6. LeGarrette Blount.

The Patriots had one of the better offenses in the NFL and Blount had a solid year during the run.

He averaged 13.6 fantasy points per game and also managed to score double digit touchdowns in 2016.

7. Devonta Freeman.

When you play on the leading offense in the NFL, you are expected to put up big numbers. Freeman managed to score 13.5 fantasy points per game despite the partial timeshare with fellow running back Tevin Coleman.

8. Melvin Gordon.

The Chargers running back missed the last four games of the season, but still finished 8th among all active running backs in scoring. He averaged 12.4 fantasy points per game.

9. Jordan Howard.

Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard didn't begin 2016 as the starter, but eventually won the job and delivered big results. He averaged 11.8 fantasy points per game and scored double digit point totals in the last six games he played.

10. Mark Ingram.

The Saints running back was inconsistent and even had a game where he scored negative two points, but he still managed to finish 10th in these rankings by averaging 11.3 fantasy points per game.