Fantasy Football is a tough game to get right. To win each week, you need to get consistent play from every single position, and even from the kicker. One of the more unpredictable players in fantasy football is the defense, which can be drafted early or streamed from the waiver wire each week. Let's take a look at which defenses were the best in 2016 fantasy.

1. Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings defense started 2016 on a tear, scoring double digit fantasy points five out of the six first weeks. They slowed down later on, but gave players massive value during that period.

2. Denver Broncos.

The Broncos might have missed the playoffs, but that doesn't mean their defense wasn't elite. Denver averaged about 9 fantasy Points Per Game, delivering seven double digit point performances throughout the year.

3. Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals also didn't make the playoffs, but their defense managed to play at an elite level. The Cardinals never scored a negative point total and averaged approximately nine fantasy points per game.

4. Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs love their defense and were also a top scoring defense in 2015. This year was no different as the Chiefs averaged 8.8 points per game in a season that included a 32 point fantasy performance against the Jets.

5. New York Giants.

The Giants revamped their defense this season and it payed off big time. Big fantasy performances against opponents allowed the Giants to score 8 fantasy points per game and finish fifth among all defenses in scoring.

6. Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles were great at generating turnovers but bad at generating wins during the 2016 regular season.

The Eagles averaged 7.9 fantasy points per game and offered some consistency to owners.

7. Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens didn't have the greatest 2016, but their defense did lead the way for a majority of the year. That elite defense helped Baltimore average 7.4 fantasy points in 2016.

8. New England Patriots.

The Patriots had the best defense in the NFL in 2016, but only the 8th ranked fantasy defense.

The Patriots scored 7.3 fantasy points per game and didn't offer as much value as a owner would have expected.

9. Seattle Seahwaks.

The Seahawks provide a prime example of why it is always better to wait before drafting a defense. One of the top drafted defenses in 2016 scored only 7.1 fantasy points per game and barely managed to finish in the Top 10.

10. San Diego Chargers.

The Chargers might have been terrible this season, but that doesn't mean their defense couldn't make plays. Randomly good performances allowed the Chargers to average 6.8 fantasy points per game and finish in the top 10.