Few things are more exciting than the Super Bowl. This is even truer when the New England Patriots are to play, something that will be happening when they face the Atlanta Falcons on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb 5, 2017. Tom Brady has led his team again to greatness, even after being robbed of his rightful starting position by a presumptuous and unfair N.F.L. leadership. The Falcons have sharpened their beaks as well, knowing that Belechek and the Patriots have shown that they can be defeated in Super Bowls, even when their year is a 16-0.

Sports bars and taverns, restaurants and eateries, and even home bigscreenTV's are going to be blasting the fun out to a nation that loves its football.

Not only do fans come out who are not a usually rooting for the New England Patriots nor the Atlanta Falcons, but Super Bowl Sunday sees a turnout of people who may not even usually watch football.That is what makes the Super Bowl every year one of the most dynamic and highly watched shows of any given year.

Super Bowl and propaganda

The trouble is that the Super Bowl has gotten so big that those with an agenda have been taking notice. We see Beyonce talking how blacks are oppressed as she is the only performer to have ever been asked to play at two different halftime shows and most of the millionaire players on the field are black. Most of white fans in the bleachers have spent untold mountains of money on jerseys with black players names upon them, but that did not stop Black Lives Matter from trying to ruin everyone's Super Bowl fun by looking for racism where there is none.

We see Illuminati promotion now in the Super Bowl which, even if it is not the "hidden hand" that some claim it to be, it is still a promotion of outright evil and demon/devil worship. Not to be outdone by the Satanists and race baiters who aim to use the Super Bowl to divide us instead of seeing what a wonderful chance it is to unite us, Anheiser Bush has now gotten in on the refugee crisis.

It shows a man portraying the company's owner being bullied and hazed for being a foreigner, thus shaming America into feeling bad for the refusal to take in more refugees. Trump is already taking in The same number that Obama did - 50,000, but the Soros crowd wants more. Almost two times more, as a matter of fact, a number that is far beyond what is practical or condusive to reason.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Bush, when he began the great American company, was not out raping or beating anyone like we are seeing in the EU. The peaceful nation of Sweden is now the rape captial of the world in real numbers since the refugee crisis has unfolded. Beatings, muggings, and arson are things that Mr. Bush also never did, so to imply that accepting more refugees than we can vet is a good idea, perhaps the company should wonder what would happen if some hate filled radical set fire to their beer factory because it produces "evil alcohol" like sharia based terror has done in other nations that allow beer/alcohol. Most likely they would savor the idea more than most Americans would.

Making the Super Bowl political kills the game

America does not come together every year to be preached to by fools and would be tyrants with an leftist agends. We come to see how New England having 23 players who have seen a Super Bowl while the Falcons have only 3 will factor into the game, not the agenda. We want ot see how N.E.' Belichick having coached in four Super Bowl wins compares to Atlanta's coach Dan Quinn having been to none...and being 18 years less experienced.

America wants to see if the Patriots can again win a sausage while coming in under the salary cap with players that no one thought would see greatness. For that matter, some may just want to see if the balls are deflated so that they can blame Brady for liking Trump, which is the way that the left works.The one thing that we don't' want is to be pandered to, called racist, sexist, and fed an agenda that is as stale as the left over pizza on Monday.