The recently-concluded Super Bowl LI, believe it or not, is the cause of this particular story, despite the athlete at the center of it not being a football player even. She is instead, a Canadian tennis player, by name of Eugenie Bouchard, the current 47th World’s best in the sport. Her last major action this year was in January’s Australian Open, where she powered through the first two rounds beating American Louisa Chirico and China’s Peng Shuai, only to bow out of round three against another American, Coco Vandeweghe. But owing to a little online bet she made with a sports fan on Twitter over the results of the Patriots-Falcons clash, Bouchard went viral after taking said fan on an NBA game date after he won his little wager with her.

Isn’t he a lucky guy?

Friendly Super Bowl bet

As everybody knows, the Super Bowl Sunday game between New England and Atlanta became rather famous for the insane amount of proposition betting going on the side of the main question that is “Who will win?” Genie Bouchard had made her fearless forecast on Twitter that day, before halftime, that the Falcons who were leading 20-0 over the Patriots, were assured of gaining what could be their second Super Bowl title since the first in 1999. Her bet was challenged by avowed NEP fan-boy TW1 (@punslayintwoods, real name John Goehrke), who wagered that Bouchard go on a date with him if she lost. Challenge accepted.

Close to the fourth quarter the Patriots, still behind the Falcons 28-3, executed a brilliant counterattack that became the greatest comeback ever made in a Super Bowl Game (shattering the 10-point deficit record with their 20-point one), to win in overtime at 34-28.

Come Wednesday, February 8 Bouchard proved herself to be a woman of her word, taking Goehrke, 20 years of age to her 22, to an appropriately sporty date venue, an NBA game.

‘Awesome’ blind date

So there was Bouchard and her blind date, sitting next to each other as the Brooklyn Nets took on the Milwaukee Bucks at Barclay Center; and she took a video selfie of herself and her escort, later describing their evening as “awesome.” Of Goehrke she remarked, "I was a little worried because his Twitter picture profile picture was a picture of Tiger Woods and I thought 'oh my God, he's one of those super-fans.

I don't even know what he looks like.' But he's awesome, such a sports fan, we're getting to know each other. It's great." To sum up, she described him as “normal,” and their outing as “great.” That’s quite a feat for Super Bowl LI. Kudos.