The Seattle Seahawks have one of the best defenses in the NFL every year. Pete Carroll started with the Team in 2010, and ever since then they have been competitive at a high level. However, in recent years, the team has started to taper off. They were one play away from winning back-to-back Super Bowls, but since that point a lot of problems have persisted. There are many people who are excited about the changes that the team is making, but they also need to think about how to improve in many areas as well. If you are ready to start building a team for the future, you need to start with the defense.

Defensive Changes

One of the reasons that the Seahawks were so dominant for years is that their defense was young. When players are first signed out of the draft, their contracts are much cheaper than the rest of the league. It is in the 2nd contract that players really get paid. When the Seahawks were dominating the NFL defensively, they had a lot of young players that they were not using a lot of cap room on. Now that those changes have taken place and they have to pay players more, there are a lot of issues that are coming home to roost. The question is now whether or not they can continue to be dominant while paying their players so much, or whether they will be like other teams and fall apart once their elite players get much bigger contracts.

Running Game

Another major change that has happened to the team is that their running game is no longer at the top. This is something that has been difficult for the team to deal with as Marshawn Lynch was one of the most dominant running backs in the entire league for many years. With his power and speed combination, he was able to move the chains for the team whenever they needed it.

He decided to retire, and the Seahawks lost a great player who is now doing other things. As the team looks to the draft this year, they have to figure out a way to replace his great talent and attitude that he brought to the offense. If they do not, they are going to have a lot of issues.