Ole Miss is a football program that has not had a lot of success in its history. It is one of only a handful of programs to never make it to an SEC Championship after the conference expanded. When head football coach Hugh Freeze took over five years ago, the program was not in good shape. He beat everyone's expectations wit the first recruiting class that he brought in. Not only did this class have a ton of talent, but it was one of the top classes in the country. He is the type of person who is always willing to do what it takes to win. In this case, he ended up making a few mistakes and now Ole Miss is looking at potential NCAA violations in the years ahead.


Every college football fan knows that recruiting is the lifeblood of the program. Without solid recruiting, you are not going to one able to make an impact in your league. The SEC recruits better than every league in the country, and it is hard for a lot of teams to keep up. This means that the pressure is on, and sometimes that can lead to people bending the rules. It remains to be seen what exactly happened at Ole Miss, but it is obvious that the NCAA is coming hard for this team. Ole Miss is not a program with a lot of tradition, so the NCAA will be more willing to add sanctions to prove a point. Over time, this is a team that was already on the down slope. After a 5-7 season to end the year, there are a lot of people who are starting to wonder aloud about whether head coach Hugh Freeze is going to stay in Oxford for much longer.


Hugh Freeze is in a lot of trouble. What remains to be seen is whether Ole Miss will remain loyal to the coach or not if there are sanctions. A lot of Ole Miss fans think that they will be fine without their coach. However, this is a program that does not have a winning tradition. Many people are worried about what the future holds, especially if the NCAA comes through and levels another bowl ban or scholarship sanctions on the team. This is something that will be interesting to follow.