The NFL is all about parity. However, it seems like the NFL is becoming more and more dominated by just a couple of teams. The Patriots have a lot going for them right now, and they have now been to seven Super Bowls since Tom Brady starting playing while winning five of them. This is a huge feat for anyone to accomplish, especially when it comes to the NFL. Looking forward to 2017, oddsmakers in Vegas have the Patriots as one of the top teams in the league again. Although there are some contract situations that are going to need to be worked out, the Patriots should be one of the top teams again.

It is interesting to see how the Patriots have built such a dominant team in a short period of time.

Tom Brady

When it comes to the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady has to be at the top of the list. His accomplishments are hard to fathom, especially since he was drafted so late in the draft when he came out. Without a doubt, he is the biggest NFL draft steal of all time. It remains to be seen what kind of records that he will break in his career. His body is still relatively healthy, especially when you consider all of the damage he has done to it by playing in the NFL for over 15 years. He believes that he still has another five seasons or so left in him. It will be interesting to see whether he can keep going and playing at this pace that he is today.

Draft Champions

The main reason the Patriots do so well every year is the fact that they are perhaps the best drafters in the league. Every year, they seem to snag a diamond in the rough with a new player that no one has ever heard of. Hogan was a wide receiver from a small college and ended up making a ton of big plays in the playoffs.

In addition, the Patriots are always willing to let players go if they feel like they are too expensive. This has been the case many times throughout the process, but the team has always remained loyal to Brady. In the coming three to five years, expect the Patriots to continue to dominate the landscape of the NFL.