This week in the NBA is one of the most exciting weeks of the NBA season. The trade deadline is fast approaching, as many teams are looking to make a deal for a potential playoff run or to get some draft picks to build for the future. The Kings made a deal that literally shook the NBA, as they sent Demarcus Cousins to the Pelicans for really nothing at all, three players and two draft picks. The Raptors also acquired Serge Ibaka from the Magic as both teams look to make a move in the conference standings. This is only the beginning, as the deadline is on Thursday, so let's see what other top players could be on the move.

Carmelo Anthony

This is the name that has been around since the new year. Carmelo Anthony is a piece Phil Jackson wants to move, but where would he fit? There was a trade proposal that had the Knicks trading Anthony for Cavs Forward Kevin Love, but Cleveland rejected that offer. There have been multiple places many think Carmelo could move. One place is the Celtics, as they have a star in Isaiah Thomas, but many feel as though they need a little more star power for them to challenge the Cavs in the east. I agree, with Melo on the Celtics, they have another player who can create their own shot, and get instant points which is critical. Another possible destination is in L.A with the Clippers. The Clippers' window on getting a chip is closing fast and with Chris Paul healing from injury, when that team is back to full strength, a Melo addition could put them over the top.

Now all this can't happen if Carmelo doesn't approve of the deal, as he has a no-trade clause. Carmelo is open to moving, but only if it's in a good situation that he wants.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is having a career year. He is averaging 25 PPG, but that hasn't led to a lot of wins, as the Bulls are a mediocre team this year.

Butler's name is starting to swirl around in trade talk, as his talents could be put to good use somewhere else. The Celtics make another appearance as a possible Butler landing spot. Boston is in need of a small forward as Jae Crowder isn't bad, but he isn't the difference maker they need along with Thomas.

The Lakers were also a possible place for Butler.

The Lakers didn't want to get rid of Brandon Ingram, even if Demarcus cousins was a part of the deal. The Lakers area more distant option, but the Bulls are looking at all options, as their season has been anything but sweet. The Bulls might have to deal with Dwayne Wade if Jimmy Butler is moved, making it clear he came here to win, not be a mentor to a bunch of youngsters. Also look for the Bulls to move Rajon Rondo as well.

Jahlil Okafor

The Sixers are looking to move Okafor out of Philly, as they have a surplus of big man talent. Jahlil Okafor was almost dealt to New Orleans before that stunning Cousins trade, and also was rumored to be going to the Portland Trailblazers until they went in a different direction.

For a third time, the Celtics are a possible suitor. The Celtics have a big man in Al Horford and Kelly Olynyk, so this is confusing to me. Those two are also face-up players, and I'm assuming Boston wants a post presence that will keep a defense honest. Okafor was made aware he might be shipped, so hopefully he can land in a spot better for him

These are only a few rumors, but the most important ones as this is the last week to make a deal for many teams. Many teams are looking for that one piece to make them contenders, but what will they pay for it? Watch out for some big moves as the deadline is coming.