As we end our Tuesday, more names in the NBA swirling around the trade rumors. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. eastern Thursday, and many teams are looking for pieces to build their team. I've done some digging, and here are some new names that are being murmured around the league rumor mill.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose's name is now being talked around the rumor mill, but only with one possible destination, the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves seem to be done with the Ricky Rubio project, as Rubio has been a mediocre player. With their core in place with Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins, they are now looking for any serviceable point guard.

Rose isn't that bad of an option, as he has ties with Minnesota's coach, Tom Thibodeau, being coached by him in Chicago. The Knicks are looking to give away only Rose, as the Wolves might be looking to swap Rubio with Rose as the Wolves would be great winners in that deal.

Rose is due $21 million, but after this season he will be available to all 30 teams which might be a reason the Wolves are after him. If they can resign Rose after this trade, they will have a guard who still has some juice and veteran leadership among a young, talented roster.

Blake Griffin

Once a dunk champion, now a name swirling around the trade block. The Clippers said that they aren't trying to move their star forward, but how could we take their word, the Kings said the same thing about Demarcus Cousins.

Many teams are calling the Clippers about Blake Griffin, one of those being the Celtics, who have made their name heard about needing one more star player. Griffin has stated himself he wants to stay in L.A and wants to help the Clippers win. Griffin's name was around trades last year, but he didn't move when the deadline came.

Griffin would be a free agent this summer, and this makes his name even more appetizing because many teams would need permission to talk to Griffin. Not if he is on your team though, as that is why many teams like the Celtics are looking to get the Clippers to budge, making them get rid of the high flying big man.

Andre Drummond & Reggie Jackson

The Pistons look to be shopping around their double-double machine, Andre Drummond. The Kings were one of the teams interested, and why wouldn't they, as they just shipped all-star Boogie Cousins to New Orleans. The Pistons have been doing this quietly, as many believe they will move the big man before the deadline. Hard to think that the Pistons had a dominate duo of Greg Monroe and Drummond years ago and it sounds like they won't have any resemblance of that at all.

Drummond's teammate, Reggie Jackson has also been a part of trade murmurs. He was reportedly offered to the Orlando Magic, but no word on that trade yet. It was rumored that the Pistons would give Jackson to the Magic for DJ Augustin and Jeff Green.

Wilson Chandler

The Denver Nuggets are looking to move their forward Wilson Chandler. Chandler is statistically having one of his best seasons, and has many teams interested in his services. The Rockets are a front runner for Chandler, as they would benefit from the bench scoring Chandler would provide. Another team that could be interested are the Oklahoma City Thunder, as they are in need of offense from anyone not named Russell Westbrook. Wilson could land with the Clippers in L.A as well but this team might be forced to move pieces they wanted to keep if they want him.

These are new names on the trade block as we get closer and closer to the trade deadline. Stay tuned for more trades before the Thursday deadline.