Professional athletes in the spotlight often have dark secrets in their lives that go undetected for an unlimited period. Whether it is domestic abuse or animal cruelty, people expect so much more from those referred to as an idol to many. When you think of animal cruelty and the pro athletes involved, Michael Vick comes to mind, along with others like track star Tony Carodine, and the recent issue with Breck Ruddick.

Missouri State quarterback accused of animal cruelty

Missouri State quarterback Breck Ruddick was ticketed and charged with animal cruelty and setting the dog free to roam after its injuries.

Both occurrences are violations. Ruddick was left to pet sit a friend, Kaitlyn Rigg’s dog named Luca, who is a 42-pound Australian shepherd. Katie trusted Breck who has watched Luca numerous times before. She never dreamed that he would suddenly turn on her sweet dog in anger, then lead the animal outside with its injuries to run off. Breck told Katie that Luca just escaped the home and got lost. After posting her loss on Facebook, Katie searched endlessly for Luca with no luck.

A girl called the next day to report Luca was found in a park covered in blood. Rushing the dog to the vet led to necessary surgery to repair a shattered jaw while removing six broken teeth. Upon the completion of surgery and full examination, the vet stated that Luca endured a severe beating, not just one blow.

Luckily Luca is on the mend but will never again be able to eat solid food.

Springfield Animal Control Investigation

The report after the incident states that Ruddick admitted to striking the dog. His parents agreed to pay for the vet bills. Springfield Animal Control continues an open investigation, indicating that further charges may be filed against the football star.

At the request of Ms. Riggs, further charges are pending until after Luca’s surgery and his bills are paid in full. A ticket was then issued to Ruddick on Monday after surgery.

The accusations went public on Facebook by one of Riggs good friend’s, leading to Ruddick’s suspension by Dave Steckel, the Bears coach. The allegations state that this animal cruelty of Luca was conduct detrimental to the football team.

Ruddick claims he's innocent. The investigation continues with the allegations, and when complete, results will be forwarded to the University’s athletic department to determine the extent of punishment.