Going in as the underdogs against a team with multiple appearance within the last 5 years will by far be the most challenging experience for the Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady, 4 time Super Bowl champion, has seen both sides as a winner and loser, against Matt Ryan who's making his debut.

Rise up

The Falcons haven't gone to the Super Bowl in over 15 years, and throughout that time frame the team has had it's fare share of redesign. From changing coaches, trading key players, and even relocating stadiums, making me contemplate whether or not the pressures of going to the super bowl is too soon for the team.

Will the Falcons be able to "Rise Up" against the pressure? Based on the previous season, the defense will play a major roll in the success of winning this game. Of course the offense must play a decent solid game also, but their best bet is by somehow forcing Tom Brady out of his comfort zone. The Patriots on the other hand has of course altered staff and players here and there like every other major sports team, but they have been one of the more consistent teams I've seen over the last decade. Every year Tom Brady and the Patriots are a top contender even when they don't make it all the way. No one has never underestimated their capabilities to win when they're put under pressure. Honestly in order for the Patriots to when the just have to play their game without feeling intimidated and they'll be fine.

The favorite

If the Atlanta Falcons were to win, this would be their first Super Bowl win in the history of the franchise. Making this a must win for the team, because unlike New England, Atlanta odds of returning to the Super Bowl next year or even the year after are slim to none. Sport bets are going crazy, because no one expected the Falcons to be in the Super Bowl.

The patriots are the favorite by 3, meaning basically only Falcon's fans actually think they have a shot to win.

Where to watch the game

Super Bowl LI will be held at the NRG stadium in Houston, on Sunday, February 5, 2017. With Lady Gaga as the headliner for the infamous halftime show. You can watch the game on Fox 6:30 eastern time.