Living in the shadows of two uber-famous younger siblings must be challenging for Cooper Manning. He always has to hear about the accomplishments of future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning and potential future Hall of Fame quarterback Eli Manning. He may be having the last laugh, though, as Cooper is the only one of the three to have an official role at this year's Super Bowl.

Super Bowl host

Cooper Manning's week at Super Bowl LI began on Monday, when he attended the media festivities. He made the most noise with his suit, which was adorned with a pattern of $100 bills.

The attire drew compliments and comments from people throughout the event, including New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He spent the night asking the stars of this year's games witty but pertinent questions.

Manning continued his duties with Fox Sports 1 on Sunday afternoon, when he served as a host for some of the Super Bowl pregame shows. His most memorable moment came during an interview with actor Mark Wahlberg, who looked as if he was going to punch Cooper following a poor line of questioning. Manning escaped with his face intact, though, and went about the rest of his duties for the day.

The forgotten brother

Cooper Manning is actually the eldest of the three Manning brothers -- he also had the shortest football career of them all.

Before starting practices with the Ole Miss Rebels (which went on to be Eli's school of choice), he started to experience some numbness throughout his body. He was diagnosed spinal stenosis, a condition that ended his football career.

Peyton Manning wore Cooper's #18 all the way to the Super Bowl in honor of his older brother.

Meanwhile, Cooper became a partner in an energy investment boutique and has actually been hosting segments for FOX since 2015, including a program known as "The Manning Hour." This week was simply the first time Cooper Manning's broadcasting career became well-known to many, largely due to his hilarious exploits throughout Super Bowl week.