The NFL's Super Bowl is a media extravaganza and arguably the annual football game is the pinnacle hour in American sports. Success or failure on the big stage is certainly no small deal for the players involved. Typically everyone looks to the star quarterbacks to do their thing, but the Super Bowl also gives the minor stars of the sport a chance to make a name for themselves as well.

Robert Alford had a big half

With the Atlanta Falcons up 14-0 in the second half, the New England Patriots tried to make a drive that could get them back into the game.

They were almost in the red zone and facing a third and six with a chance to score a TD to cut the lead in half. However, Tom Brady threw an interception into robert alford's hands. The 2nd round draft pick and corner for the Atlanta Falcons ran it back, showboated a little in his final strides, and got a precious defensive touchdown in the Super Bowl. The Patriots were able to respond with a field goal at the end of the half, but they found themselves down 21-3 heading into the highly publicized intermission.

Alford's Twitter audience increases immediately

What does it mean for Robert Alford? "15 minutes of fame" isn't really the right saying as any NFL player that plays on a team that gets in the Super Bowl is already bigger than that.

However, Alford (@rockorocky) had 25.3K Twitter followers at his account the moment he got the touchdown. Minutes later that was up to 25.6K and possibly more to come. About 25 minutes after the touchdown he had accrued about 400 total new followers, a considerable amount in a short time.

At time of writing, the game is not over, but if the Atlanta Falcons' lead holds up then Alford may yet find himself the Super Bowl MVP.

An 82-yard return for a defensive touchdown in a clutch moment certainly won't be sneered at. Furthermore, Alford had a first half fumble recovery. He needs his team to win to seriously be in the voting (as a member of the losing team has not won the MVP in decades). Furthermore, the award is for the whole game -- not just the first half. However, heading into halftime he might be the favorite.