Donald Trump is currently the president of the United States, and judging by his Twitter tweets, his top priority right now is fighting the legal system that's standing in the way of his political agenda. On February 5th, 2017 he tweeted a message out to his followers, and, in fact, the whole world: "Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!" The tweet refers to a judge curtailing the effects of Trump's border security plan.

February 5th in Trump's history

30-years ago today, Trump had a much different agenda as we take a look back at this day in his history. He certainly wasn't known as the president of the United States back then but a "Real estate magnate," according to the words of UPI Sports Writer, Fred Lief. Lief mentioned Donald Trump in an article about the sporting success of the United States in the February 5th, 1987 issue of The Daily News for Huntingdon, Saxton, and Mount Union. It seemed that the current president of the USA took an interest in sports back then as a way of trying to generate some revenue for his hotels in Atlantic City.

The background of the 1987 article, which is titled "Cup victory sparks reaction," is that the USA had recently won the America's Cup, an ocean-sailing race that took place off of the coast of Australia.

President Ronald Reagan is mentioned in the article as winning a bet against then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Lief mentions Trump late in the article: "Real estate magnate Donald Trump drew tentative plans for a Feb. 14 ticker-tape parade down Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. He also said he would ask Conner," the winning skipper of the America's Cup, "to hold the next America's Cup races in Atlantic City, N.J."

The 1987 America's Cup was a big deal in American sports at the time, because the trophy was held between 1857 to 1983 by the New York Yacht Club.

The 1987 event represented the first opportunity for an American team to reclaim the trophy from Australia. Conner's victory did return the trophy to the USA, albeit to the San Diego Yacht Club, where it would remain for the balance of the century.

Trump's effort to plug his hotels failed

Trump's efforts to get Conner to hold the 1988 event in Atlanta City, arguably just to increase the demand for his hotel rooms in the area, ended up failing.

The 1988 event was held in San Diego, the home city of the yacht club that Conner belonged to. Donald Trump's concerns, as per the Tweet below, certainly have changed a lot over the last 30 years. However, perhaps a similarity is that he doesn't always get his way.