The Cleveland Browns have long been one of the worst teams in the NFL. There are a lot of fans of the team in Ohio, and they want to see their favorite team take things to a new level. With all of the new competition in their division, things are not going to get any easier for the Browns. The Steelers have been a power for many years, and a lot of people are excited about what they bring to the table. They are a great team because they draft so well and they are built for the playoffs. If the Browns are going to start winning more than a couple of games every year, they need to figure out how to succeed at a high level.

Cleveland Struggles

Over the years, the Cleveland Browns have struggled for a variety of reasons. Not only does the team lack elite talent, but they also cannot even settle on a Starting Quarterback. In the NFL today, this is the most important position on the entire team. The Browns have not had a solid starting quarterback for over ten years. This spells trouble in today's NFL. If the Browns are going to win at a high level, they need to find a playmaker at this position. In the offseason, the team acquired RGIII with the hopes that he was going to be as good as he was in his rookie season. However, those hopes did not pan out and now the team is left back at square one.

Draft Needs

Looking at the roster, it is hard to find a spot where the Browns do not have a need.

The front seven of the defense is average, but they lack any elite playmakers on the entire squad. Anyone who is drafting for this team needs to think with a five year mind set. The Browns are not going to go to the playoffs in the next two or three years, and the team needs to be in a rebuilding mind set. This way, they will be able to draft thinking about the long term repercussions of the team versus just thinking about winning right now. This will allow them to draft and develop talent, which is way more important than any single position that they have. Over time, the Browns can be good again if they just draft well.