The Buffalo Bills ended the year on a bad note with a disastrous performance from E.J. Manuel. But there's one player who might feel even worse than the Bills quarterback. Reggie Bush actually set what might be a record for fewest rushing yards in a season after recording zero yards against the New York Jets.

Numbers for Reggie Bush.

Bush had twelve attempts rushing for -3 yards in 2016. The Bills running back played very few snaps and was one of the least impactful players for the Bills all year. The worst play that comes to a mind is a 8 yard loss on a reverse against the Dolphins.

That disastrous play would result in a missed field goal and eliminate the Bills from a playoff race in which they were involved.

It's still pretty pathetic to play as many snaps as Reggie Bush and finish the year with negative yardage on the ground. He was on a team that led the league in rushing! LeSean McCoy and Mike Gillislee have been one the best tandems in the league! And Bush is averaging -0.3 yards per carry on all attempts. When Rex Ryan was head coach, it was hard to fathom why Bush even remained on the team. The blame can be laid squarely on a GM who somehow hasn't been put on the hot seat.

Doug Whaley's Role.

Reggie Bush might have sounded like a good idea, but the emergence of Mike Gillislee and the draft pick of Jonathan Williams should have eliminated Bush from the roster.

Instead, Anthony Lynn tried to force him into the offense, a strategy that clearly did not work.

Now Bush's negative rushing yards will stand as one of the worst seasons ever for a running back. Decisions like this make me question general manager Doug Whaley, who really doesn't have a great track record when it comes to draft picks.

And now the Bills will be faced with a decision regarding Tyrod Taylor.

Tyrod Taylor's Future.

It's hard to see Reggie Bush coming back to the Bills, and Tyrod Taylor may not be back either. The Bills don't seem willing to commit to Taylor as a long term starter, despite his excellent year. E.J. Manuel and Cardale Jones provided less than stellar performances against the Jets and proved that a quality quarterback makes a huge difference in the NFL. Hopefully Whaley will retain Taylor and avoid signing players like Reggie Bush in the future.