The Dallas Cowboys finished the season 13-3 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-13 in New Year's Day NFL football action. The result of the game changes nothing for the playoffs as the Eagles finish 6-9 on the season, well out of contending position. Furthermore, Dallas did not lose top spot as they could not be caught heading into Week 17. If anything, the game will be remembered for Tony Romo getting some work in for the first time in 2016/17's regular season.

Tony Romo threw for a touchdown

Romo was injured in the pre-season, he lost his starting to job to Dak Prescott in the aftermath, and saw no playing time even after he recovered as trade rumors circulated.

The latter fact changed in the 2nd quarter of the game against Philadelphia. Romo came into the game at that point and lead an offensive series where he threw three for four and a total of 29 yards. Those 29 yards will mark his season total for passing yards while 75% will be his completion rate.

Mark Sanchez also entered the game for the Cowboys, going 9 for 17 and throwing for 85 yards. Sanchez also threw 2 interceptions in what was a poor performance. The game certainly proved who was the most-worthy back-up as Romo was much more effective in the game than Sanchez. Star running back Ezekiel Elliott did not play in the game as Dallas clearly favored preserving their key players for the playoffs.

What's next for both teams?

The Philadelphia Eagles' season is now over, however, perhaps the best is yet to come for the Dallas Cowboys. They avoid having to play on Wild Card Weekend, they will host in the divisional round, and they will host if they make the conference final. Furthermore, the Super Bowl this season will be played in NRG Stadium, a venue that is located in Houston, Texas.

That's not exactly a home game for Dallas if they make it that far, however the travel will be minimal for them and they can expect to play in front of a partisan crowd. Who Dallas will play in the divisional round is not clear, but they will host the lowest-seeded team that survives the NFC's games from next week's Wild Card Weekend.