The Oregonian reported that the Cavaliers travel plans were disrupted after their loss against Utah on Tuesday.

They were delayed for over two hours in Salt Lake City as their destination - Portland was getting so much snow the airport was closed.

There was a lot of speculation that they might fly into Seattle-Tacoma and bus their way to Portland.

Now it looks like they did take off and fly to Seattle. Across twitter, there have been several tweets that seem to confirm this.

Cavaliers fly to Seattle instead of Portland due to severe weather

The Cavs will be stressed and tired even if they make it to portland

Oregon Live said "The Cleveland Cavaliers,...

are supposed to be in Portland for Wednesday's nationally-televised game at the Moda Center," But there is some speculation they might not get there in time, and some people are asking if the game might be postponed.The trip from Seattle is about 170 miles by bus and those people who live in Seattle are saying the weather is really icy there. This means they can add on at least another five to six hours of travel time.The National Weather Service reported that in places Portland might experience " more than a foot of snow by Wednesday morning."

Is it possible the game can be delayed?

Ohio.Com news reported that there may be an opportunity to delay the game as "The Moda Center, The Blazers’ home arena, appears to be available Thursday night if the league elects to postpone Wednesday’s game."

The team will be tired and stressed as the Cav's team spokesman said they were forced to sit on the runway until after 1:30 a.m.

local time. According to Cleveland News, The Blazers have the same problem and will also probably try and fly toSeattlee and bus from there.

Some fans are kind of hoping the Cavs and the Blazers end up in Seattle and just play the game there.

For The Blazers, this is the second time in a week that games have been disrupted by bad weather.

SB Nation reported on the 7th January that "The Portland Trail Blazers postponed their Saturday game against the Detroit Pistons after a winter storm bombarded the northwestern region of the United States on Saturday."

The main concern, though, is that the teams stay safe, travel safe and make it to their destinations, even if they have to play another day.