The Orlando Magic have started the season with a below average record of 11-15 in the NBA Eastern Conference. They acquired power forward Serge Ibaka from the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason hoping he would be a key building block to help them turn the franchise around. So far the experiment has had mixed results.

Magic looking to move Ibaka?

Serge Ibaka brings a tremendous defensive presence to the team, however, the Magic were hoping he could develop his offensive skills and become more of a go-to scorer. He showed flashes of his scoring potential while teaming with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in OKC even though he was still a third or fourth option to shoot the ball because of the high volume of shots taken by his superstar teammates.

While he hasn't been awful to begin his stint with Orlando, the team was expecting a little bit more from him this year. Since he will be a free agent this summer, the Magic may look to move Ibaka in order to ensure they get some assets in return for him in case he decides to leave.

Houston may reunite James Harden with Serge Ibaka

The Houston Rockets seem to be the main team in the running to acquire Serge Ibaka from Orlando. The Rockets are currently sitting in fourth place in the NBA Western Conference with a rather impressive record of 18-7. James Harden has found his groove in new head coach Mike D'Antoni's fast-paced run and gun offense. Houston is already playing at an extremely high level and look to keep up their winning ways throughout the season so that they can possibly have home court advantage when the playoffs begin.

The Rockets believe that Serge Ibaka could be the piece that they need to go deep into the playoffs and possibly make a run at a championship. Ibaka and Harden already have a familiarity with one another from their days playing together with the Thunder early in their careers.

Serge would be an upgrade at power forward over Ryan Anderson and would bring a defensive tenacity that the Rockets currently need in their frontcourt.

His ability to shoot the three would also stretch defenses, giving Harden a lot more room to operate. The proposed trade between the two teams would have the Rockets sending either Eric Gordon or Trevor Ariza to the Magic in exchange for Serge. Orlando would get the offensive firepower they've been looking for with either of those two and the Rockets get a rim protecting big man that can shoot from long distance. If the teams decide to go through with this deal we could possibly see the Rockets in the NBA finals. Thats how much of a difference maker Serge Ibaka would be for Houston.