Although many WWE fans will fall out with you for describing the sport of wrestling as "fake," considering that a lot of the stunts that the WWE superstars perform on a day-to-day basis probably hurt quite a bit, most of us over the age of eight-years-old know that the results, storylines and moves seen on WWE's flagship shows such as "Raw" and "Smackdown" are more often than not pre-determined. Whatever your view is on professional wrestling, the WWE attracts millions of fans globally, has a thriving broadcasting network, and is worth an estimated $3.4 billion.

Vince McMahon fakes his death

In 2007 the WWE ran a storyline which involved the scripted death of CEO Vince McMahon. In the story McMahon was blown up in his limousine, however, he was forced to return (for real) after the tragic murder/suicide case of one of his fellow wrestlers, Chris Benoit. Although the majority of viewers knew that the story involving McMahon's death was staged, some actually believed that the WWE chairman had really died, causing stocks in the WWE to plummet (with business partners of McMahon even contacting members of his family to offer their condolences).

Trump believed McMahon was dead

Old footage of Vince McMahon's son in law, Triple H, has now resurfaced from 2008 talking about the controversial storyline on the Opie and Anthony show, with the former wrestler turned Executive Vice President of Talent claiming that the President-elect, Donald Trump, was one of those who believed that the WWE CEO had actually died.

Triple H recalled how lots of people phoned into the WWE offices following the limousine skit with McMahon, concerned over his well-being, with Trump being one of them. Triple H said during the interview that Trump phoned in following the scripted death asking "did something happen to Vince?"

McMahon and Trump relationship

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon have a strong friendship, with Trump making several appearances in the WWE in years past.

Trump is said to respect McMahon's leadership in business and has even picked McMahon's wife Linda, who has had several failed attempts to run for office in the past, to head his 'Small Business Administration' when he takes office in the White House next year.