Karlos Williams had no shortage of issues in the NFL offseason. The former Bills running back was plagued by weight gain issues and showed up to camp overweight. Rex Ryan and the Bills promptly signed Reggie Bush and cut Williams after he was suspended for four games thanks to a substance abuse violation. Since then, Williams has drawn no interest from any NFL team. But his suspension ends this week and now he is eligible return and play for any team that wants his services.

Karlos Williams' Tweet.

On October 3rd, Karlos Williams posted the following Tweet.

Williams also posted a similar picture on Instagram on the same day. Both pictures prominently feature money, something that Karlos is clearly focused on after he was not paid for the first four games of the season. But what could they mean? Does Karlos already have a deal with a NFL team lined up? Will he make a return to the Buffalo Bills, who used him extremely effectively last season? Or will he try and draw interest from other teams? In any case, Williams will likely be a hot commodity for any NFL team thanks in part to his production last season.

Karlos Williams 2015 Rookie Statistics.

Williams was one of the best offensive rookies in 2015.

The former Bills running back scored 7 touchdowns and ran for more than 500 yards. Healso averaged more than five yards per carry, fantastic numbers for any running back in the NFL. Williams' 2015 season could be characterized as explosive and he was the Bills go-to short yardage back last year. It looks like the Bills are currently set at running back, but it would be awesome if they could get that kind of production from a backup running back again in 2016.

Other Teams with Interest in Karlos Williams?

There are a few other teams that will likely have some interest in signing Williams. The first one that comes to mind is the Detroit Lions, who have struggled with running back injuries in the first few weeks of the year. The Lions currently lack a bruising running back like Williams and could definitely use a guy with his talent.

Another team that could consider signing Karlos is the New York Giants, who were forced to start Orleans Darkwa last week. Karlos Williams is a far better talent and would be a big boost to a Giants team in desperate need of a running game.

In any case, there will be a NFL team that eventually signs Karlos Williams. His 2015 season was far too good for him to remain a free agent for too long.