ESPN reporter Mike Rodak is well known for his dislike of the Buffalo Bills by fans across the country. And why would he like the Bills? Rodak used to cover the Patriots and is now stuck covering a team that hasn't made the playoffs in sixteen years. It's not surprising to see that he has such a negative opinion of the team, but it is surprising to see the absurd prediction he made for the Buffalo Bills season in a recent ESPN article.

Mike Rodak's bold prediction

Normally bold predictions involve something that is ridiculous but also positive for a chosen team.

James Walker, ESPN writer for the Miami Dolphins, predicted that Devante Parker would notch the first 1000 yard season of his career. It's a prediction that is attainable and yet still positive. But Rodak had something a little more negative to say about the Buffalo Bills chances this season.

Instead of a positive prediction, Rodak guessed that the Bills would begin the season with four straight losses. That's right, 0-4 in their first four games! Is Rodak even interested in seeing the team he coverssucceed? The Bills went 8-8 last season and returned most of a talented roster! There are plenty of injuries to deal with, but most of the core players such as Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy remain intact.

And just who are the Bills playing in these first four games anyway?

First four games

The Bills start the season on the road in what should be a tough game against the Baltimore Ravens. Tyrod Taylor will return to take on his old team and try to beat up on a pass defense that was one of the worst in the league last season. The Bills probably have about a 50% chance of winning this one on the road.

TheBills will play the Jets in week 2, a team that couldn't beat them a single time last year. What makes Rodak think that the Jets even have a chance in Buffalo? The fan presence will be too much for the Jets to overcome and Rex Ryan will continue to beat up on his old team. The next game brings a huge challenge against a Cardinals team that was one of the best in the NFL last season.

It's great that the game is at home, but the Bills will need to pull out all the stops if they want a victory.

The Bills will then get to play a Patriots team without Tom Brady. The Bills should be salivating at an opportunity to take a road game away from the Patriots in week 4 and should be able to handle a Jimmy Garoppolo-led team. Even so, the Bills don't have an amazing shot at victory on the road at Gillette.


Mike Rodak is insane if he thinks the Bills will lose the first four games of the season. Two of those games come at home and the other two will both be competitive. The Buffalo Bills will get at least one, if not two or three wins in the first four weeks of the regular season. And the pessimisticRodak will be forced to eat his words when the Bills prove him wrong once again.