Often referred to as the “fastest growing brand in the WWE,” the promotion’s developmental promotion, NXT, has consistently provided a weekly episodic experience that rarely lets down. With a solid blend of in-ring action and a cast of characters that continues to evolve, NXT continues to prove it’s the best programs on the WWE Network.

In this exclusive Blasting News list, we break down five of the reasons why NXT is a better show than RAW and Smackdown.

5: More Surprises: Think of all of the performers that have showed up on NXT over the last year or so.

It could be someone more a hardcore fan would know like Jesse Sorensen or a star the likes of Rhyno or James Storm. Add in the arrival of indie superstars the likes of Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and NJPW star Shinshuke Nakamura and NXT is able to consistently keep fans on the edge of their seats.

4: Better Management of Time: Every week on NXT, you get at least four matches. While there is a nice chunk of squash matches, every bout on NXT is an attempt to get someone over and advance a story. There’s rarely any filler in the ring and the same goes with the promo. While many of the performers featured on the show are still learning how to work on the mic, they rarely waste time.

3: More Attachment to the Performers: Perhaps it’s a byproduct of the Full Sail University, but it’s almost impossible to watch the show and not get into what the performers do.

Everyone has a "chant" from the fans and every performer works in the ring. Going hand-in-hand with the great pace of the show, you always get the feel that someone is working hard.

2: Roster Depth: When performers the likes of Asuka, Rhyno or Baron Corbin can’t get their hands on a title, you know there’s something special going on.

Simply put, every title means something and there are rarely the types of title reigns that are over before you even realize who the champion was. Need an example? Current WWE United States Champion Kalisto has won that title twice in the past 30 days. His reign as one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions? That lasted 126 days.

1: Better In-Ring Action: The Takeover specials are arguably better than any WWE pay per view while the weekly show always has a main event that means something. With every performer looking to eventually get to RAW or Smackdown, you see performances you won’t see anywhere else.

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