Last Sunday, “90 Day Fiancé” viewers were relieved to learn that Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa were still together after they appeared alongside each other during the season-ending Tell All episodes. The couple separated during the final episode of “Happily Ever After,” with Kalani claiming that she was tired of her tumultuous marriage with Asuelu. While it appears that Kalani decided to give Asuelu another chance, the couple’s problems are far from over.

Kalani and Asuelu are back together after fighting during the '90 Day Fiancé' finale

During the first of Tell All, Kalani confirmed that she was still committed to her marriage with Asuelu.

However, the American reality star revealed that her husband was still putting a strain on their relationship. In the season finale, Kalani told fans that Asuelu had been going out to play volleyball despite the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Kalani bought her husband a one-way ticket to Washington because she feared that he would infect their children with the coronavirus if he continued to disregard the safety protocols. After spending some time with his mother in Washington, Asuelu returned to Utah without informing his wife, and he has not learned from his previous fight with Kalani.

Asuelu’s mother apologizes to Kalani

Asuelu has admitted that he still goes out to hang out with his friends, and “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have speculated that his current truce with Kalani will not last.

In a preview video clip released to promote next Sunday’s Tell All episode, Asuelu’s mother, Lesina, urges her son to change his ways if he wants to save his relationship with Kalani. Lesina apologizes to Kalani for the bitter confrontation they had earlier in the season. At the time, Lesina urged her son to divorce Kalani.

However, in the upcoming Tell All episode, Asuelu’s mother tells her son to man up and take care of his family. While Lesina appears ready to fix her relationship with Kalani, Asuelu’s sister, Tammy, is unapologetic about her attitude towards her brother’s wife.

Earlier in the season, Tammy tried to physically attack Kalani after they got into an argument over Asuelu’s failure to send money to his family.

Tammy accused Kalani of controlling Asuelu because she was older than him, and she threatened to beat her up. It will be interesting to see whether Tammy follows her mother’s example and apologizes to Kalani. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers are still skeptical about Kalani and Asuelu’s future together due to their constant fights. While it appears that Kalani’s relationship with her husband’s family could improve, fans have speculated that she will no longer tolerate her husband’s irresponsible behavior during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The remaining“90 Day Fiancé” Tell All episodes will air on Sunday and Monday on TLC.