For Kathie Lee Gifford, the doors of “Today” always swing open wide to welcome the beloved host back to her old stomping grounds. Even if she couldn't celebrate her return visit with a warm hug from her broadcast BFF of 11 years, Hoda Kotb, this time, KLG still gushed with love this morning, September 29, as reported by the show via MSN and on social media.

Hoda is away this week, and social-distancing dictated that Kathie Lee Gifford could only connect by cyberspace from her comfy place in Tennessee. Nonetheless, the spirited Gifford had plenty to talk about with Jenna Bush Hager.

Both her grown kids are newly wedded, and she couldn't be happier. What she thought would be a lovely “Today” opportunity to talk about her movie project, “Then Came You,” releasing in select theaters and on-demand this week, was deliciously hijacked by her good friend and co-star, Craig Ferguson. There's nothing like a Scottish brogue to bring forth uproarious laughter, but the love story in the film has an intended audience, along with the humor.

Being the mother of the bride and groom was wonderful for Kathie Lee Gifford

The summer began and ended on a beautiful note for Kathie Lee Gifford, her daughter Cassidy, her husband Ben Wierda, her son Cody, and his bride Erika Brown. Like millions of other couples, these couples had to scratch the big wedding plans that they had long-imagined and exchange vows on a much smaller scale under the necessary restrictions of the pandemic.

Cassidy and Ben were married, at his family’s Michigan farm, back in June. Over Labor Day, this month, Cody and Erika chose the Gifford family home in Connecticut to commit their union. Kathie Lee Gifford assured Jenna Bush Hager that “One day you'll know, I pray you'll know, how wonderful it is when your children find that perfect person meant just for them.

The veteran entertainer related how she began praying that her children would find their person “since the day they were born.” Nothing compares to the sense of joy she feels now with her expanded family.

The mother of the groom showed off a stunning picture of her son with Erika on their wedding day. Brown chose to wear her chosen wedding dress, which featured a stunningly laced bodice.

The gown was created by an Israeli designer, whose name escaped Kathie Lee Gifford. The beaming mom didn't miss a moment of the special day. Cody and Erika met at USC and both felt destined to be together. Both were also on the front row for Gifford’s final day of her “Today” sendoff in April of 2019. The jubilant and sentimental celebration was fitting for the most fearless host in all of morning TV Shows. Hoda Kotb tearfully credited Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford (who encouraged her to take the job in the newly established fourth hour). The rest is history for the first female morning team on TV. Kotb selflessly praised that “every good thing” that followed in her career came as a result of her collaboration with “Kath” on-air.

Kathie Lee Gifford also shared how Cassidy and Ben have known each other since the eighth grade. The families used to mingle “in the Keys” over the summer, and the mother of the bride couldn't say enough good things about him or their future joy together.

Craig Ferguson doesn't let Kathie Lee Gifford get away with bad Scottish words

Neither Craig Ferguson nor Kathie Lee Gifford can put into words why they are such close and caring friends, except to say “we adore each other” and “we are best friends,” as the former late-night comedian attests. It was spontaneous comedy combustion between the two years back when Ferguson was supposed to co-host just one day with Gifford on “Today” until she begged the producer to stretch the stint into a full week.

Ferguson’s rapid-fire humor had the censors sitting on the 7-second delay edit buttons, but a fast friendship was forged.

Kathie Lee Gifford first began work on “Then Came You” in 2018. She connected with many widows through the success of her beautiful ballad, “He Saw Jesus,” written in honor of her late husband, Frank Gifford, who passed quietly one typical morning. While the song is meant to be an assurance that loved ones who have gone from this life go into the arms of a forgiving father, the avid scriptwriter saw the need for a story about finding love for those who are not in their 20s and 30s. Those who have endured loss need to know that love can happen again.

During a lunch meeting, Craig Ferguson put it bluntly to his friend.

He insisted that “we’ll be in our graves” if the stars waited for the typical Hollywood system to get roles like these. He urged Kathie Lee Gifford to spearhead the project herself. At 2:30 in the morning, she called Ferguson, with six scenes of “Then Came You” already written.

Gifford was a little thrown this morning when Jenna asked about any disagreement or bothersome habits of many co-stars during the production in the Scottish Highlands. Naturally, KLG responded that Elizabeth Hurley, Phyllida Law, and the other top-tier cast members from the UK were “at the peak of their prowess,” and that she and Craig were having the time of their lives. She stressed that she usually would work on rewrites at the end of the 12-hour shooting day, but couldn't finish her thought after Craig Ferguson suddenly flashed on the screen.

“That's not the story I heard!” chided her Scottish bestie. “I heard you were drinking with the crew at the pub every night,” Ferguson playfully teased. Kathie Lee Gifford was in full belly laugh mode from the teasing. She refuted the drinking stories but did fess up to the fact that she learned a few off-color Scottish words. “I didn't know they were dirty until I learned them,” she contested. “You shamed me with some of those words!” the chummy funnyman replied.

More pages and film projects in the works for Kathie Lee Gifford

“What you see is what you get—that’s who she is” Craig praises of Kathie Lee Gifford. He adds that she's “an easy laugh” who always lifts the heart. It's no wonder that she calls him “my favorite agnostic,” to go along with Ricky Gervais, her favorite atheist.

She loves her community and sharing praise and worship with close neighbors in her Nashville neck of the woods, but Kathie Lee Gifford never sees her faith as a weapon or any means of judgment. She leads by love and being a light, and certainly doesn't believe in too much idle time.

She described that her leading man pushed for four future installments of “Then Came You.” After the reception of the long-awaited first outing, the friends and film stars may share the screen for life.

Two new books will soon be out, including a new book for young children. There's no news of grandchildren yet to cuddle with Kathie Lee Gifford for a story, but never count any blessing out for this thankful talent.