Deavan Clegg has had a difficult couple of months ever since she split up with Jihoon Lee. Deavan has claimed that Jihoon has been frustrating her efforts to get a divorce since he has refused to sign his divorce papers. Despite Jihoon’s actions, Deavan has moved on, and she is currently dating Christopher Park, an actor based in Los Angeles. However, her decision to date another man has elicited mixed reactions from “90 Day Fiancé” viewers, and Deavan recently took to Instagram to share the hate messages she has been receiving from the show’s fan base.

Deavan being slammed by the fans

Over the weekend, Deavan shared a screenshot of some of the hate messages she has received in her inbox. In the shared messages, one fan attacked Deavan for moving on from Jihoon, pointing out that her decision to introduce another man to her children would prove to be detrimental to their upbringing. The fan insulted Deavan by claiming that she gave women a bad name. Another fan joked that the American reality star would have a complicated celebration during the Father’s Day holiday due to her decision to have multiple men in her life.

Jihoon and Deavan will not participate in the Tell All episodes

However, some “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have defended Deavan for moving on from Jihoon.

The fans have argued that the American reality star has a right to date whoever she wants as long as she is happy in the relationship. Fans have also pointed to Deavan’s recent child abuse allegations against Jihoon as proof that the 23-year-old reality star had a legitimate reason to break up with the Korean reality star. Some media reports recently claimed that Deavan had accused Jihoon of abusing Drascilla, her five-year-old daughter.

Even though Deavan has not given more details to support her assertions, TLC will reportedly ban her and Jihoon from the upcoming Tell All episodes until the matter is resolved.

On his part, Jihoon has kept his silence over the child abuse allegations, and fans are still waiting for him to give an official statement to address the serious accusations.

However, the Korean reality star has been vocal about his objections to Deavan’s ongoing relationship. In a past Instagram post, Jihoon claimed that he did not want his son, Taeyang, to have a new father. The 29-year-old reality star could be delaying his divorce with Deavan in an attempt to gain an advantage in their looming custody battle. For now, many fans appear to be taking Jihoon’s side in his ongoing feud with his wife. While Deavan has admitted that she doesn’t mind the hate she has been receiving, her recent child abuse allegations could be an attempt to change the narrative and portray Jihoon in a bad light. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers will have to follow the two reality stars on Instagram to get more updates about their failed relationship.