Actor Jared Leto, known nowadays for his extreme role portrayals such as the Joker in 2016’s “Suicide Squad” and his pickiness in movie projects, has just been tapped to star in another installment. Disney’s SFX-laden live-action sci-fi franchise, “Tron.” The word is that the development of a third “Tron” movie can now commence with a star and a director in Garth Davis. Leto may have even spoiled the film’s possible sequel.

‘Tron: Ares’ according to Leto?

It all started on Monday, August 10, when according to “Deadline,” Australian filmmaker Garth Davis was chosen to direct a prospective “Tron 3” for Disney.

Davis, whose 2016 film “Lion” got six Academy Award nominations, reported expressed interest in the sci-fi franchise and campaigned with Disney executives to gain directorial duties for the planned movie.

Not long afterward, there came word that Jared Leto would be starring in “Tron 3.” The rumor was quickly confirmed when Leto, who had been invested in getting involved in the franchise since 2017, said it was so on social media. But as “Comic Book Resources” would have it, the actor may have also revealed the subtitle for the sequel, “Tron: Ares.” Leto would then edit his original Instagram post and refer to the project as just “Tron,” below.

‘See you in the grid’

In the post, Jared Leto noted that he was grateful for the opportunity to be part of a new entry in the “Tron” franchise.

He added that the original movie and its later videogame spinoff had an impact during his childhood. He hopes he could produce a cinematic product that series fans and general audiences would like, signing off by referring to the Grid, the setting’s digital realm. The actor is co-producing with Emma Ludbrook and Justin Springer, while a script draft is being worked on by Jesse Witugow.

Tron” began as a conceptual sci-fi movie in 1982, starring Jeff Bridges as a programmer trapped in the digital world within a computer network. Its success led to the growth of a franchise that included a videogame and tie-in comic book. These were disregarded following the 2010 release of “Tron: Legacy,” with Bridges being joined by Garrett Hedlund, portraying his character’s son.

There was also a 2013 animated series spinoff, “Tron: Uprising” on Disney XD.

While there are now beginnings of production staff and cast, Disney has not officially given the green light for a third “Tron” film. However, if it pushes through, then Leto will find himself part of another oldie but goodie sci-fi franchise, much like how he played the bad guy in 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049.” At this point, however, there is no timetable when filming might start, much less when it premieres in the coming years.