It looks like Big Ed and Rosemarie Vega have finally reached the end of the road on "90 Day Fiance." The young Filipino cast member has declared that she is officially “done” with Big Ed. In Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" episode, Rosemarie Vega expressed her exasperation at Ed. She pointed out the many times that he lied to her. She was especially angry at how Ed kept his vasectomy plans a secret from her.

She also told him that she hated how he always embarrasses her. Not only did he tell her that her breath stinks, but he also asked her to take an STD test.

At this point, she is just tired of the whole thing. She said that she already gave him lots of chances but his actions continue to disappoint her.

Rumors of Rose being pregnant

Meanwhile, "90 Day Fiance" fans suspect that Rose is pregnant with Big Ed's child. A number of fans on social media think that Rose got pregnant when she and Big Ed made love during "Before the 90 Days" early episodes. The reality show's followers are now waiting for confirmation from Rose.

Ed Brown tries to explain his side

Big Ed attempted to make his case to her explaining that he wanted to tell her about his plans to have a vasectomy but that he had planned to get to know her first.

He then confessed that he did not expect Rosemarie to be the type of person who would stand up for herself. At this point, he became defensive and sarcastically concluded that perhaps he is the bad guy in the relationship.

To his shock, Rosemarie replied in the affirmative.

Not liking what he heard, Big Ed walked off and told the TLC cameras that she lied and acted badly towards him too. Rosemarie then returned to their room to pack her things. She told the cameras that she no longer wants to spend time with Big Ed.

She said that she regretted that she used up a lot of time away from her son just to be with Big Ed.

She also thought that her family would be disappointed with how things went with her and her boyfriend. Rosemarie ended up leaving for the airport by herself. She hopes to change her flight so she can go home early to Caloocan.

Preview for next '90 Day Fiance' episode

In a teaser for the next episode, Big Ed goes back to their room to attempt to talk to Rosemarie. However, he discovers that she has already left. Because of this, Big Ed breaks down in tears. He is beginning to realize that all the lies that he told her are now coming back to bite him.

He starts regretting lying to Rosemarie despite his strong feelings for her. It is unknown if Big Ed will still attempt to reconcile with Rosemarie Vega. He will have to go to her home in Caloocan to get her to talk to him. Stay tuned for more Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega updates on "Before the 90 Days." The next episode of the "90 Day Fiance" spinoff will air on Sunday, March 17. Let us know what you think about Big Ed and Rosemarie's relationship, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."