The newest "90 Day Fiance" spinoff is already off to a good start! Among the franchise personalities who joined the new show are David Tobrowsky and Annie Suwan. Called "90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined," the latest spinoff will feature more than 40 individuals who have appeared in the franchise. The goal of the spinoff is to show how the former cast members deal with the coronavirus pandemic. What makes the spinoff different from other shows in the franchise is that the cast members will be filming themselves.

David Tobrowsky worried about Annie Suwan

In the first episode of the new spinoff, David Tobrowsky and Annie Suwan showed how their life has changed because of the pandemic. David and Annie are shown going to an Asian supermarket together. The two talked about how they prefer going to an Asian supermarket because they prefer to avoid any complications. He shared that Annie recently received racist messages that alarmed him and that he now worries they leave their home, reports ET.

Despite the tense situation, David Tobrowsky and Annie Suwan can still be nice and friendly. They still find time to give toilet paper to their friends even with the pandemic. They also joked about how “active” their sex life still is.

David and Annie on '90 Day Fiance'

It can be recalled that viewers saw David Tobrowsky and Annie Suwan first on "90 Day Fiance" Season 5. Back then, David lived in Thailand for a period of time. He then met Annie in a karaoke bar one night and fell in love with each other. During their time on the show, both faced a lot of challenges in their lives.

David’s children, for example, did not immediately warm up to her when he introduced her to them. They also did not have the best financial situation as individuals and as a couple.

When they met, David had no money at all. He had to rely on financial support from his best friend Chris Thieneman. Obviously, this did not sit well with Chris’ wife, Nikki.

Chris allowed David and Annie to stay with them at first in their Los Angeles home. However, Nikki did not approve of their presence so she asked them to go to David’s hometown in Louisville, Kentucky instead.

Other Self-Quarantined stars

Apart from Annie Suwan and David Tobrowsky, there are other "90 Day Fiance" fan favorites in the Self-Quarantined cast. Colt Johnson, for example, had to deal with the fact that he just lost his job. He is currently trying to make sure that he and her mother, Debbie Johnson, will have a decent future after the pandemic. Meanwhile, Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast are thinking about their financial future. They were shown arguing about their money even as they are trying to take care of their infant daughter.