Usman Umar has low expectations when it comes to his mom meeting up with fiancée, Lisa Hamme. The "90 Day Fiancé" couple embarked on a trip, recently, to get together with his mother and get her blessing. According to Umar, he can already feel that his mother will not support his decision to marry Hamme, reports People. This is because their culture and tradition generally go against a man marrying an older, white, American woman. Even with that though, he still gave her a traditional dress to try to impress his mother. He also admitted, in a confessional, that his relationship with Hamme is a sore spot for his mother.

He said that they did not talk for three months after learning that they met online.

Usman Umar, the '90 Day Fiance' star on his goal to become a global star

Usman Umar never made his ambition of becoming a popular star, on a global scale, a secret. He even said, on "90 Day Fiancé," that a green card is one of his reasons for getting into a relationship with Lisa Hamme. According to him, marrying Hamme would give him an opportunity to gain a bigger platform for his music. This is why he continues to stick with her despite how difficult it has been lately to deal with her behavior. Umar has taken advantage of his time so far on "Before the 90 Days" to shed a spotlight on his musical work. In fact, he has already released a few songs and music videos since the premiere.

Lisa Hamme infuriates Umar’s fans on '90 Day Fiancé'

"90 Day Fiancé" fans are vocal in criticizing Lisa Hamme for being possessive and controlling. They especially did not like it when she started interfering in the career of Usman Umar. In last week’s "Before the 90 Days" episode, Umar finally had enough of the verbal abuse he is getting from Hamme.

He told her outright how sick he is of being looked down at. He also said that he felt that he could never really do anything good in her eyes.

Surprised at his outburst, Lisa realized that perhaps they have not really known each other that much during their years of online communication. Because of this, she asked him whether he wanted to continue their courtship or not.

Umar did not have a definite answer to give her. In the past, Umar’s friends have confronted Hamme for her controlling behavior. According to them, her behavior will have a negative impact on her fiancé’s career.

That time, she demanded Umar edit out a female model from a music video that they shot. The video was for his song I Love You, which she says was written with her in mind. Umar, however, chose to not listen to her, releasing the unedited version of the video last month. Lisa Hamme also got attention for being strict with how Usman Umar interacted with his female fans. Umar has a huge female following and people felt that Hamme’s aggressive reactions to them will earn him bad press.