"90 Day Fiance" star Lisa admitted that she is not opposed to the idea of Usman Umar having more wives. Speaking to In Touch, in her exclusive statement, delivered by her promoter, Rocco Straz, she explicitly shared her take regarding Usman’s desire to marry more than one wife. Rocco also said, “At no given time did Lisa state she would kill herself, for him or any other man. She is a very independent woman."

Usman's marriage proposal

According to the Islamic religion, a man is free to marry more than one wife; hence Usman was at liberty to exercise this right.

Lisa understood that provision in Islam; therefore, she was not going to stop her fiancé from marrying again. However, in as much as she is backing Usman’s desire, there would be a catch. Lisa wants Usman to marry more women only if he is indeed capable of providing for them. He ought to be financially stable in order to take care of medical insurance, car insurance, vehicles, housing, and utilities.

Lisa does not expect to witness scenarios where the wives are forced to share their personal finances with Usman. If he can easily pay all the needed bills, then he is free to get another wife. The "90 Day Fiance" star confirmed his desire to have more wives. Usman has openly displayed his desire to have more wives.

He made clear his wishes during a Lip Service Podcast hosted on 21st April in Nigeria. Usman admitted that even though Lisa was not okay with his urge to add more wives, she was not going to stop him after all.

He further stated why his quest for marrying more wives was unstoppable. First, he discussed the inability of Lisa to give him a child due to her age.

For him, getting a child was something he really yearned for. But In order to make that a reality, he would have to marry another wife now that Lisa could not bear a child. The two lovebirds first met online prior to their current union. Usman quickly proposed to Lisa even before they met face to face.

He also praised his new lover, Lisa, through a song going by the name, “ I love You.”

Usman and Lisa's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

Unfortunately, their happily ever after is yet to come. Their relationship itself has grown rocky due to Usman spending a lot of time with other women. He has been very extremely vocal about his fiancé’s feelings. Lisa referred to Usman as her confidant, baby love, and an individual who completes her. But her friends were not happy with their union. They opposed Lisa and Usman’s relationship with the mere fact that he hails from Nigeria. However, whether the two "90 Day Fiance" stars can survive the test of times in their relationship will be clear in a matter of time. Stay tuned for more news and updates on '90 Day Fiance."