“No Time To Die” is the 25th James Bond movie and Daniel Craig portrays the role of the super British agent. He has a license to kill in order to complete his task. Ian Fleming created the character and he came to limelight with his first movie “Dr. No” in 1962 or roughly more than half a century back. “No Time To Die” is the 25th movie in the series and Daniel Craig will don the robes of James Bond for the fifth time. His last film was “Spectre” five years back and Craig admits he was nervous about the role in the next movie. Initially, he felt he was physically not in a position to take up such a role again.

In an interview with a section of the media, he said, "I was never going to do one again." He took his own time to decide on whether he would accept it and finally did.

Sky News says Craig’s last James Bond movie was “Spectre.” It released in 2015 and at that time, he said it was the last time he would reprise the role of 007. He appeared to be quite firm but, later he reversed the decision. Daniel Craig (52) will now enact the role of the super spy as he tries to outwit his opponent.

Daniel Craig worked without seeing scripts in advance

Normally actors go through the scripts of the Movies in advance.

That way they get an idea of what to do and in which fashion. However, Daniel Craig had to work at times without seeing the script in advance. Craig says there is a mention of Donald Trump in the movie. His words are: "We struggled to keep Trump out of this film, but of course it is there."

Sky News goes on to outline the reasons for delays in the production of “No Time To Die.” The first of these was the change of director.

Danny Boyle was the original choice, but he left due to some differences and Cary Joji Fukunaga came in his place. To strengthen the script, Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge entered the scene. The storyline, in brief, is about James Bond who retired from active service and settled in Jamaica. Suddenly, his old CIA friend Felix Leiter comes to him seeking his help in a mission.

The original release date in UK cinemas was in April, but the release date of this Bond movie with Daniel Craig is revised to 12 November due to concerns of coronavirus.

Release of film starring Daniel Craig pushed to November

According to The Guardian, the revised release date of “No Time to Die” is 12 November in the UK and 25 November in the United States. This is a joint decision of MGM, Eon, and Universal. These dates would mean Bond would face stiff competition from some other big-name movies. “No Time to Die” is the 25th James Bond movie. This would probably be the last time Daniel Craig will appear in the role of 007. The character created by Ian Fleming has always been a huge draw with the audience.

They love to watch 007 take on adversaries and chase them to all corners of the world. Fast cars and beautiful women add to the charms of these movies and “No Time to Die” would be no exception, it would be yet another of his daring exploits.

Bond movie with Daniel Craig affected by coronavirus

Incidentally, the threat of coronavirus could have a serious impact on the entertainment industry. The Guardian says the estimated loss could be in billions of dollars. There are reports of closure of cinema halls in countries like Italy, South Korea, China and Japan. That is not good news for new releases, especially Bond movies. This is because the Bond franchise relies heavily on its markets abroad.

The major earnings from the last four James Bond films came from non-US markets. In this context, “No Time to Die” might face problems. Its production cost is around $200m and it had to overcome several issues related to change of director, injuries to Craig etcetera.