Whether Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” is sharing apple slices or watermelon with her preferred dual leading men, Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, who portray baby Jack, or posing in a lavish magazine shoot, her loveliness is on point. The actress and her castmates gave a gift to devoted fans, their “Hearties,” with the 2019 Season 7 Christmas day movie feature, “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas.”

The precursor installment to the full season was tugging on goodwill, romance, and heartfelt bonds of the community for its full hour and a half.

Chinese lanterns launched by Lucas (Chris McNally) and his “elves” lifted all the hearts in Hope Valley. Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) chose the stability and peace of his new home with Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) over an upward career move. Lee and Rosemary continue to lean on their steadfast devotion to each other while waiting for direction in their path to parenthood. Topping it all off was little Jack saying “mama” while in the saddle of his new rocking horse. That's not even touching all the storylines of the Christmas adventure, and the real adventure takes hold in February with the start of the full season.

Erin Krakow shared a dramatic yet sensitive “look back” at 2019 on social media just hours ago, on December 31, and the star joined her “When Calls the Heart” castmates in seeing joyous hope and love in Season 7 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on December 27.

Hearts and high-emotion ring through the future in Hope Valley.

Captivating look

Erin Krakow can say everything without saying a word, and her stance in the black-and-white photo by Melissa Coulier. She captioned the image with “Looking back at 2019 like…” spoke volumes about being simultaneously wistful and hopeful. Fans would love to ask, “Penny for your thoughts?” For now, Krakow’s dreams of the New Year are only her own.

The star isn't giving away too much regarding Elizabeth Thornton’s choices toward her handsome suitors, but she said the romance quotient in the coming season is at 11, breaking the meter during her interview.

The mystery still stirs

Erin let out a giggle of delight when ET correspondent Deidre Behar said that “Lucas got the dance, but Nathan got the glance,” summarizing Elizabeth’s gripping, longing look toward Nathan while dancing with Lucas in the Season 6 finale.

Far deeper than being available and handsome, Erin Krakow rates the qualities of being “generous, sensitive, good listeners,” and “ugood with her kid” as the most appealing attributes.

Erin is quick to call both dashing men “pretty good choices” for Elizabeth, but Kevin McGarry isn’t so sure about his character. “Nathan needs to read a book on how to talk to women,” the actor implores, adding the awkward stumbles in communication that the Constable often makes.

In contrast, Chris McNally is confident in how to talk to Elizabeth and pursue her as Lucas Bouchard. Most of all, the saloon owner is able to “push her and challenge her” in ways that no other suitor has ever done. Nathan needs Elizabeth more, but Elizabeth may find the need of surprise, intrigue, and unraveling the mystery of Lucas’ life more than she realizes.

Erin Krakow reiterates that her character’s late husband “wanted her to be happy” and he would be pleased in both of these prospects.

A wedding and more waiting

When Calls the Heart” fans love a wedding more than life, and Hallmark throws a wedding like no other network. Aren Buchholz and Eva Bourne portray the newly engaged pair, Jesse and Clara, and assure loyal fans that a walk down the aisle will happen in Season 7. Bourne showed off her lovely made-for-television engagement ring and Buchholz became very emotional just talking about the wedding day. The actors have decided to stay true to tradition, and not see each other before the ceremony. What better way to bring authentic, true feelings to the screen.

Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) and Dr. Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) have openly proclaimed their love for all to see at last, but fans may have a longer wait for the lovebirds to have a wedding, Greene, and Brooks divulged that Season 7 will require selfless love, as Carson discovers that his nurse had a deep desire to become a doctor. Dr. Shepherd will put her dreams above his love and passion in the present moment. Genuine commitment like that should only end in deeper bonds between the two. Andrea Brooks now has her beautiful infant daughter, Viola, to hold in her arms, so there won't be any need to hide more baby bumps for a while.

Lee and Rosemary Coulter (Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton) are the steadfast, adoring “When Calls the Heart” couple who captivates millions of fans.

Their chemistry is completely genuine, as Hutton calls Smith “the greatest creative partner I've ever had.” Season 7 will find the Coulter’s still with “the ache” of yearning for children, but also the determination to “find joy in their lives” until they see the “grand plan” for parenthood unfurl. In the meantime, they cherish their role of being guardians to little Jack, and nothing is off the table for the future. And adoption through Lillian and Grace from “When Hope Calls” is a probability, but Smith insists that conception the natural way still could happen.

No matter how families form in Hope Valley, their bonds grow strong, and love is on every horizon in Season 7 of “When Calls the Heart.”