Quentin Tarantino's summer flick "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," is being re-released to movie theaters as award seasons heat up. The re-release will include more than 10 minutes of new footage. Sony Pictures made the announcement and said that the re-release will start in 1,000 theaters across North America, starting on Friday.

Tarantino's re-release will include four additional scenes, extending the theatrical cut. Sony Pictures released a statement that said moviegoers have shown major support for the film, and they look forward to giving them another opportunity to watch the film as "it's meant to be seen," in theaters on the silver screen, with even more sights and sounds of the sixties.

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' was a summer blockbuster for Quentin Tarantino

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was released in theaters July 26 and received high praise and major box office success. The movie debuted to $41 million, making it Tarantino's biggest box office opening in his career. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has already grossed $139 million in the U.S. and $368 million globally.

Tarantino's latest film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, both who are struggling to survive in a changing Hollywood, while the pair struggle to make it big in the movie business. Margot Robbie stars as a model and actress Sharon Tate.

Tarantino's original cut ran more than four hours

Tarantino's original cut of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” had a running time of four hours and 20 minutes.

The theatrical cut ran two hours and 40 minutes. This led to Tarantino leaving many scenes on the cutting room floor. One scene included Tarantino star Tim Roth, James Marsden and Danny Strong. IndieWire reports that “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” breakout star 10-year-old Julia Butters had footage cut. They said that the footage was so good she could have secured an Oscar nomination.

The re-release comes on Tarantino's decision to not cut the film for a China release. The film's opening in China was canceled last weekend for unspecified reasons. It has been reported that Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon filed a complaint with China's National Film Administration, because of Tarantino's depiction of her father.

The re-release comes as Sony gears up for Oscar nomination for the drama. Insiders believe that the movie will be a top contender for Best Picture, Best Director, and several others. Sony has said that Brad Pitt would be promoted for Best Supporting Actor, while DiCaprio will run for Best Actor, without any competition from Pitt.

This was Tarantino's ninth film and is now considering what to do for his final film. Rumors have circulated that he is writing a new story for the Kill Bill series.